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Signature-Less Frost Kite Build

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This is an interesting build. The single target damage of this build is amazing. Also, the amount of slows are really powerful. I actually skipped out on a signature spell in favor of ray of frost no AP. It's way better than any of the signature spells for this build.


Drop down 2 blizzards and a slow time to make sure no one will be getting to you any time soon. While the blizzards are doing their damage, start to pick off mobs with ray of frost spam. If anyone gets close, stun them with Wave of Force.

Ray of frost will be doing 297% weapon damage and you can spam it as long as you want :)

Blizzard will do 337% over 6 seconds. Once you hit 60 I would probably change to unrelenting storm for more damage.

Another neat thing about this build is that you can pretty much start it around lvl 27/30.


Any Thoughts?
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I had this question before, and I forget we ever got a confirmed answer on it.

Does your AP regen still apply while casting channeled spells - i.e. if you have +10AP/sec, will you still get 10 AP every second while casting Cold Blood RoF?

The thing that worries me about your current build is that Ice is your only damage type.
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Yeah, I'm not sure if being all Ice will hurt or not yet. I know blizzard has stated that they wont' have frost immune mobs, but that doesn't mean they won't have frost resistant.. but who knows, maybe they won't have those either. If they do, I could drop Magic Weapon... all it's doing is increasing build damage. I'll have plenty of extra AP with this build so it would be possible to add something like arcane orb.
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I really wish they would fix the Cold Blood tool-tip on the calculator. It is incorrect. The rune reduces Ray of Frost to 12 AP in the beta.
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Thanks for the info about cold blood. It's still basically free after you factor in AP regen, but still... that does change things a bit.
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