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My wizard build (more of a balanced one)

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Basically, I will open up with electrocute or disintegrate. I should never get low on AP because I made my electrocute provide an AP charge everytime it hits a target so ensuring I will ALWAYS have AP.

I put the lvl 59 rune for disintegrate that deals damage over time because it will be helpful in higher mob areas where I will need to divert my attention to new incoming mobs from different directions.

This basically ensures that the mobs I started attacking will eventually die so I can focus on the new mobs.

Slow Time is neat and I chose to increase the damage the mobs take when inside it because if they are in it and I am in it as well, then it is most likely going to be a struggle on who is going to kill who first in the bubble and, of course, having the increased damage output would give me the edge in killing the enemy first.

Wave of Force is made to basically be spammable.

Lightning armor with the increased movement speed is so I can quickly get away from mobs and also, they might die if they made it with 10 % health for example to me.

They die, I get away.

To be honest, I don't know what Archon is yet so I am pumped for that.

Passive Skills:

Evocation basically makes it so that I can use my spells more often... hell yes.
Astral Presence, with the already existing runes in some of my spells such as electrocute will ensure I WILL NEVER be below like 90 % AP.
Galvanizing ward is obvious for why I chose it.

Anyways, feel free to comment.
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I think you could get away with this in normal mode but in later modes you will probably need some more serious DPS. If Disinegrade is your most heave DPS spell, there might be issues (Even with Strech Time).

My suggestion, would be to get rid of Archon, which is more situational (and mutually exclusive with all your other spells) and replace it with Hydra, which acts like a DoT and should increase your DPS at a decent level in later modes. Also Hydra should help you with Boss Fights, where Disinegrate will not be that useful.

Finally, (and this is more of a personal suggestion) I would find a way to get Temporal Flux. With Disinegrade doing Arcane damage, TF would be perfect. Like someone else said, never underestimate the power to slow mobs - it gives you more time to do DPS -- IN ADDITION to letting you escape if things get too hairy.
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