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What Games Are You Playing?

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Beat ME3 and did a runthrough of ME1... KoA was a lot of fun but I finished it. Now I am going to attempt to play no video games until D3 is released.... except maybe an SC2 match every now and then but that doesn't count cuz that's a sport, not a game.
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Megaman X
A link to the past
Super Metroid
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 6
Super Mario RPG
Demon's souls
Resident Evil 5
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Minecraft, Mass Effect 3, Starcraft 2
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League of legends. It's a good free game time flys by when playing as well. Bored of the d3 beta already got each character to 13
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Just finished my subscription with SWTOR and am moving on to some other fun to fill the gap.

I'm currently playing Mass Effect 1, followed by 2 then my first ever play through of 3.

Other games on the backburner are L.A Noire, Skyrim as a rogue and Skyward Sword. Don't expect to get through many of these come May 15th, but I'll be plenty busy.
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Pokemon Red and Bue
Madden 12
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D3 Beta
Battlefield 3
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Realm of the Mad God
Ys: The Oath in Felghana
Tribes Ascend beta
Battlefield 3
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Skyrim and The New Super Mario Bros. Wii...
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Entropia Universe
SCII ( customs )
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I just played and beat DLC Quest today

very good for the laughs but extremely short
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LoL. borrreeedddd of it

Super smash bros. n64


NEED D3, going bat !@#$ cray
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I am playing KoA( ps3) and uncharted 3. I love KoA tons of fun. I hope they do an expansion that ups the difficulty.
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Yeah I played TQ online with a friend just last week. It was his first time playing. I used a Warfare/Defense and he went Nature/Dream

lol...conquerors are so insanely OP...I don't think I've ever played a better class in a hack n slasher.

Possibly a firewall/connection issue? You have to connect to Gamespy's matchmaking servers to play

I've played quite a bit online as well. Not sure what you mean about Gamespy's matchmaking servers. As long as both people trying to play a game have the same patch running you should be fine just loading the game and using it's ingame multiplayer. I've never had any problems with it.

A big plus is downloading fanpatch 1.17a I believe it is. Most people who have been playing for a while use this because it addresses and fixes a few skill's functionality from the expansion that Iron Lore never had a chance to fix themselves. It changes nothing balance or story wise, just fixes bugs.
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Diablo 2
Diablo 3 Beta
Realm of the Mad God
Battlefield 3
Kingdoms of Amalur
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