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D3 PvP Ideas (Please Blizzard!!!)

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So I was thinking
Wouldn't it be cool if PvP had some twists to it rather than just have characters duel it out? I mean it would be nice to hack and slash on friends/foes/strangers but what if it had more to it?
So here's my food for thoughts for PvP features.

- Buffs / Shrines for certain strategic benefits in a PvP match
- Obstacle Courses like choke points or hills / fogged area for added strategy bonuses
- Capture the flags (character steal flags and in order to regain the flags you have to kill the character carrying the flag)
- Team 1 on 1 tag team death matches where Team can choose who on the team will battle the opponent's champion
- Survival Mode (which team can last the longest as hordes of enemies swarm each team and with increasing difficulties as time goes on)
- Treasure Chests appearing at different times for health globes
- Treasure Chests with Traps that can be armed by teams for strategic uses (traps that induce buffs)
- Environments that can be use for hiding.

I think some of these ideas would be interesting for a PvP. I'm sure these ideas are from various games out there but since D3 has character customizations + numerous item combos it would be interesting to have these features in a PvP.

So thanks for hearing me out Blizzard! and I can't wait for the game to come out already.

Got nothing to do till then. So Beta? haha

Thanks guys.
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I would personally love to see something like a survival option, cooping against hordes of demons and hitting big !@# boss levels, that would be SO cool!

I also think a dota style pvp setup would be really cool, but understandingly difficult to develop.

I know there is a practice round too, but a before match communication room would be awesome, actually be able to talk with your team and at the very least give arena it's best chance for sucuess, "even though I beleive arena pvp only setups in games are just... horrifying..."

I'd personally love to see big maps, maybe challenge maps where you race the team through enviroments or hold the base setups?Just my opinion though
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I think big maps would be cool but it might drag the pace of the PvP to an extent so maybe a normal map but teams can strategically choose certain spawning points at different times to incorporate some strategy into the bloody hack and slash of the PvP? haha
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03/24/2012 11:26 PMPosted by Zymosis
Got nothing to do till then. So Beta? haha
That just ruined everything.

lol sorry it was a hopeless prayer but I'm just glad D3 is coming out in May haha
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lol u have no idea how blizzard r very good work on diablo 3 pvp. they will remake pvp again in some patch. blizzard is way better than you... and i disagree with your idea.
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03/24/2012 11:54 PMPosted by D3BETA
lol u have no idea how blizzard r very good work on diablo 3 pvp. they will remake pvp again in some patch. blizzard is way better than you... and i disagree with your idea.

Haha I am by no means any game developer or close to being a game developer rather simply put... a Diablo fan! I'm sure Blizzard will have ideas way better than what I have to offer that's why I play their games haha but thanks for letting me know your inputs.
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How about the standard CTF, KotH, etc type games to change the element of the game to a little more than *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click**click**click*.. oh, actually, n/m
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I approve these ideas. Survival and Capture the Flag would be awesome.
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Some of my suggestions on pvp. If you like these suggestions sticky request!
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