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Dual Wield DPS, in-game test proved

Previously it was based on alternating attacks, but that obviously had some potentially annoying implications to try to time your abilities to the weapon you wanted to pull damage from. This was changed in Patch 13, though - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3123246179#13

When dual-wielding, certain skills will now always use your main-hand weapon to determine damage
Also, as far as I'm aware, "certain skills" is actually just any skill that uses weapon damage as a factor.

So after reading Bashiok's post regarding dual wield dps and skill damage, and thinking of the credibility of his words (no offense Bash..), I decide to find out by myself, through some calculation and in game test (based on Beta Patch15).
I'm Chinese and not very good at English, I'll just skip the process and let the math do the talk for itself.
Main hand weapon average damage = D1
Main hand weapon attack speed = AS1
Off hand weapon average damge = D2
Off hand weapon average speed = AS2
Bonus damage from other gears = D3
Bonus attack speed = ASB
*actual weapon attack speed = weapon base attack speed*attack speed bonus
eg. a magic sickle which is 1.3APS with 4% increased attack speed
total attack speed = 1.3*(1+4%) = 1.352APS.
Main Stat = St
Critical Chance = CC
Critical damage = CD

DPS shown on the panel:
*damage/critical chance/critical damage bonus from passive skills is not in here, as I don't know how they work at the moment...well actually I do know, but I can't prove it, let's just forget that..

Skill damage:
The Barb attack with each hand IN TURN when using Bash/Cleave/Frenzy(can't test Frenzy in Beta but I think it's the same case as the other two skills) and Hammer of the Ancients.
Skill Damage = (D+D3)*(1+St/100)*skill damage %
*Damage ranges from min to max of the weapon damage.

The Barb ALWAYS attack with the main hand weapon when using Ancient Spear and Rend. Didn't have a chance to test Seismic Slam as I'm not really a Barb fan, haven't made it to lvl12 yet..would appreciate if somebody could test this skill and post the result.
Skill Damage = (D1+D3)*(1+St/100)*skill damage %
For Ancient Spear, D1 = random number between min and max of your main hand weapon damage.
For Rend, D1 = average damage of your main hand weapon.

Feel free to ask me any questions and I hope the thread would help you with your choice of weapon for your Barb/Monk/Hunter build.

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Seismic slam and frenzy alternate
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Good info. Good to know!

Thanks for taking the time to bring us this!!!
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What DPS does the game use when you cast skills with both hands? (i.e. WW, Earthquake, Metetor, Desintegrate, etc)
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03/25/2012 01:05 AMPosted by D3BETA
What DPS does the game use when you cast skills with both hands? (i.e. WW, Earthquake, Metetor, Desintegrate, etc)

Regarding WW, Earthquake, I have no idea, but I guess it's the same case as Rend.
and for meteor and disintegration, you gotta be kidding.. since when is the Wizard able to dual wield wands..
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Seismic slam and frenzy alternate
Revenge and Leap are also always based on main hand

The swings on them are shared so if you frenzy-->slam---> frenzy---> slam each frenzy will be based on main hand and each seismic slam will be based on off hand.
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03/25/2012 01:08 AMPosted by Grimm
Seismic slam and frenzy alternate

thanks. good to know
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Confirmed with Monk skills.

All generators alternate, LTK also.
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