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Weapon Damage for Wizards

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I'm wondering if anyone knows... I'm assuming that there are certain weapons and/or enchants that change physical damage to elemental damage. For say, a Barbarian, this would be useful for cutting through certain types of resistances, but how will this work for a Wizard? There are a few spells that deal Physical damage, so I just wondered how your weapon enchants would effect this.
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Step 1: Give your Wizard an Axe
Step 2: RAMPAGE!!!!

It seems like Magic Weapon only increases damage; it doesn't change the damage type. The runes can add more damage of a different type, but nowhere in the text does it state changes to the original damage type.

Electrify - Attacks have a chance to cause lightning to arc to 3 nearby enemies, dealing 10% weapon damage as Lightning.
Venom - Attacks poison enemies, dealing 15% weapon damage as Poison over 3 seconds.
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Assuming is bad.

There are no enchants or weapons that change physical damage to elemental damage.

There are high resistances but no immunities. If you want to make a build that has two types of damage for the purpose of getting through monsters that have a high resistance, all character classes have at least two types of damage, and you just want to make sure you pick two.

Wizard on the other hand has spells that deal: Lightning, Cold, Fire, Arcane and Physical. That's a whole lot of different kinds of damage, so it's less of an issue for Wizards than any other class.

There are also skills/runes for each class like the barbarian and monk and demon hunter that convert weapon damage to a certain type of elemental damage. Barbarian's Whirlwind has a rune that converts it to fire damage. Monk has Fists of Thunder. Demon hunter's multishot has a rune to convert it to lightning. Regardless of all of these, it's possible to go through the game doing only 1 type of damage because there's no immunities.
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Is it stated anywhere that there will be monsters with resistance to Physical. Because if not Wizards / Witch Doctors may be the only ones who DO need to worry about this ...
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