This is going to be my intended DH build:!aXf!YZacZY

The way I see it, Frost arrow will make a good opener against packs of mobs, use evasive fire to avoid mobs when they get too close and work in hungering arrow with devour when possible for extra burst (it'll be more useful against single, big targets).

Discipline generation is in all of my passives because a dead demon hunter doesn't deal damage, so being able to backflip practically whenever I want and being able to use smoke screen to initiate fights with ranged packs will be nice.

I was thinking cluster arrow would be good for taking down that one target that needs to die NOW (or wiping out ranged packs while smoke screened). The ferrets are for extra gold and make me have to walk around less.

In a group I'll swap out evasive fire for sentry if we have any kind of tank and use the guardian turret. Man I can't wait for may 15th!