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Why are you picking Witch Doctor?

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.. Because the other classes are boring and unimaginative .. At least as far as I could play them in beta. Personally I'd rather have a melee/caster/pet hybrid, ala D2 druid.

Can only hope that something better comes along in the first xpac.
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85 Orc Warlock
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I played a necro in D2 (Season 1 ladder 5th ranked USEast), and a raiding lock in wow with some server firsts.

I love the complexity of these classes and the challenge in mastering them.
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85 Dwarf Paladin
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I'm stuck between WD and DH. I loved necromancers and bowzons in D2, which is why I have such an interest in these 2 classes. I like the idea of being a non-summoner witch doctor however(which is weird because I loved the summoner necros). Locust swarm was one of the big skills that attracted me to them. Thus far I like them both equally however I feel the witch doctor will have more skills later on that I'm looking forward to than the demon hunter. Will have both leveled quickly(maybe I'll level WD with friends and DH when nobody's on or vice versa).
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He appears to have a huge number of builds that are inherently mechanically different from each other yet are still amusing as hell.
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i like DoTs
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04/02/2012 02:03 AMPosted by D3BETA

AGREED! Best spell !
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I'll be choosing him because he seems like he has a crap ton of CC for PvP.
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i think witch doctor abilities look awesome, that iss why i will play one for sure
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Spiders, Voodoo Masks, and Zombie Dog Grenades. That's more than enough for me.
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03/28/2012 04:12 PMPosted by Sean
Best AOE damage potential. Plus i like pets, i just hope they don't all get 1 shot'd by diablo.

Diablo will sneez at our pets and will kill them... Hope they make them tougher
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100 Human Death Knight
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Zombie dogs, zombie bears, spiders, locusts, murderous dagger-wielding fetishes, flaming bats, exploding skulls, toads of hugeness, angry chickens, and snakes to the FACE!

How can you not love this class?
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
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Witch Doctor seems to be the D3 equivalent to Warlocks in WoW. That's my rationalization... FEAR MORE!
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Well pet classes are fun but for me, it's the idea of making a WD caster build not using any pets. I like the style of the class, it's dark and macabre... which is nice. Also, I'll most likely play the female... because I always wanted to play as a female Necro but no luck... So it will be fun. I like the masks a lot too. Generally speaking, Blizzard did an excellent job designing the Witch Doctor.
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I always loved the Necromancer in D2 for PvP and PvE. Rounding up huge masses of badguys to cast thorns and corpse explosion like a BEAST! I love the warlock from WoW for PvE and PvP as well. Witch doctor is a match made in heaven for me. I plan to !@!# and pillage in PvP/PvE in D3 once they "enable" it.

I have 3 awesome specs for WD already and each one kicks @$$. I cant wait.

And maybe if I play a black guy in a video game, my **** will get bigger IRL. The math adds up...seems only right.
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ugly old squated black dude with retarded accent, yeah i'll prefer that over uber cool necromancer. sure. Wd pets are boring and there is few them. apsolutely hate this class.
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04/05/2012 02:37 AMPosted by D3BETA
ugly old squated black dude with retarded accent, yeah i'll prefer that over uber cool necromancer. sure. Wd pets are boring and there is few them. apsolutely hate this class.

someone is bitter...if they wanted to just re-release D2 it would not have taken how many years...see you at release.
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I doubt there will be a Diablo boss as he was already slained in the previous games ;)
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I have played all of the classes in Beta to a pretty significant extent. I plan on leveling:

Ranged > Melee > Ranged > Melee >Ranged. So it was a matter of "which ranged".

WD, after my playing, seems the most self sufficient (pets) for clearing content. I understand that (hopefully) in the late game and later difficulties, the dynamics change substantially. It still doesn't change the fact that Ranged > Melee, and Pets > no pets.

I also like the model, for both male and female, but especially male.

It annoys me that it goes over people's heads why the male WD has the shakes.

IMO it is implied cannibalism, which can impart on those who participate, neurological diseases the general population do not suffer from. WD is the darkest hero.

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