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Why are you picking Witch Doctor?

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The mask designs.

Seriously, I love the look they spent making the designs on the items for most of their items on the class.

I find them to be the most diverse in builds as well. With build potential to heal skills, pure petless dps builds, cc support group builds, or just pet spam, this class has it all.

Also Wall of Zombies Pile On Rune looks hilarious and hits like a truck.
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90 Troll Hunter
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Because I wanna know why I should "Tay away from da voodoo..."
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Two words... Fire Bats
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I'm picking the WD because he is a refreshing and interesting take on a pet class. He's close enough to the Necro (my main class in D2) to be familiar, but unique enough that I don't feel like I'd be playing the exact same class as before.
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After hearing a conversation in the beta with the blacksmith about his wife, I find him too wise to not have in conversation. And because I love summoning things: spiders, frogs, dogs, gargantuans, fetish, charging zombies, haunting souls... he is just perfect
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03/29/2012 12:25 AMPosted by Bottle
I love the Witchdoctor because he is the Zerg of the D3 classes. He has zerglings, banelings, Fungal Growth, broodlings, mutalisk glaives (a Firebomb rune), and other such stuff.

<3 Pretty much this.
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I am picking the witch doctor due do the flexibility of the class and the resource management of mana fits my play-style the best.
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Guess you all see something I don't.... Class does little Burst anything and pets die fast. Maybe they get good later...lol...I dunno but Beta didn't show me much. A wizzys orb does 5X's a WDs ranged dmg. So why?
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Class does little Burst anything and pets die fast. Maybe they get good later...lol...I dunno but Beta didn't show me much. A wizzys orb does 5X's a WDs ranged dmg. So why?

Nothing in beta outdamages dire bats + soul harvest. Nothing. It's not even close.
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The #1 reason for me is that I've been intrigued by voodoo and tribal witch doctors for many, many years as a fantasy fan. The secrecy, the hidden abilities and untold powers of these voodoo masters has always fascinated me, in any media/movie/game/lore I've come across.

That being said, I'm also extremely pleased with this incarnation of the Witch Doctor, both with the personal history of the hero him/herself, and with the skill set and abilities.

As a more defensive, slow gamer, I usually go for the DoT, ranged and pet classes in any franchise. Since this is the 'summoner' class of the game, the WD will definitely be my main. I love playing support, and the WD is going to fit absolutely perfectly into my gaming style. <3
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I love to play support/healer. I wanted to play monk, but I didn't like the way monk felt (it had nothing to do with the weapon animations, that doesn't bother me, I just didn't like the feel of weaving multiple spirit builders together all the time). Witch doctor has enough support and heals, and has in my opinion the most complicated resource system in D3.
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I love the Witch Doctor even since he was announced for D3. Since then, I have been really just honing in youtube videos of the witch doctor when the beta was released. And with this last wave of invites, I just recently got a chance to play the WD class. I love how the class feels. Spamming corpse spiders as a primary feels good to me. I have no problem with the animation. I like the lob action. I love my zombie dogs. They're so cute. And they're a bit squishy but I understand that they're a defensive summon, not meant to be an offensive summon. AND SOUL HARVEST + DIRE BATS OMG. I just feel awesome spamming dire bats and watching everything die. I LOVE IT. I'm going for a summoner build. :D I love my little pets :D
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WD is my last choice initially. but after i got my beta, i love the CCs on him. will main him for inferno.
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I haven't had the opportunity to play the beta but from watching videos the witch doctor just seems to fit my play style the best. I love the types of spells, dot, cc, buff and debuffs. Dmg mitigation with pets. Can't ask for more. :-)
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This is why.

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It annoys me that it goes over people's heads why the male WD has the shakes.

IMO it is implied cannibalism, which can impart on those who participate, neurological diseases the general population do not suffer from. WD is the darkest hero.

its actually bc of all the spiritual attunement to the unformed land and dealing in all the stuff he does
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Because I love the AoE damage potential combined with all of the control; heck I don't even care about the pets at all and am probably not going to use any of them. I can just see creating choke points, or sealing off rooms with Wall of Zombies, then dropping a Hex fetish, Rain of Toads, Haunt, Locust Swarm, and waiting for one of the hexxed mobs to die with the Unstable Form rune and BAM, death everywhere. Going to be glorious.
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im picking WD bc i like almost every single spell and rune effect...

its ridiculous how attuned to me the WD is

thats not to say i dont like the other classes either... but this one is far above the others
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I took WD where I saw as the best aggro and Tank building. All depends of what you go to use. For DPS and PVP has combo skills that helps you to massacre anyone. As single or cooperate also you reign so far like the barbarians. More specific why I liked, is the fact that looks like the indians that living yet here in my country yet as the aztecs peoples that lived a long years ago.
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