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The need for a communication overhaul

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I don't know about other people but Diablo 3's communication is just horrifying. I'm not even trolling, I played lots of beta and NOBODY talks, and I expect out of game communication to be even worse, "sc2 b.net 2.0".

No more need to ask to join parties, ask directions, trade items that dropped, 4 player max game makes it feel like a small get together much less a, "party". Instant teleport to players, instant teleport to next level of dungeons, pvp is separated from campaign games so far less people will team up and fight together. There is no making unique games, searching for specific games, it's all instantly done for you, matchmaking system is horrifying for d3 and i'm sure there is more.

I don't really know what to say, diablo 2 and even games before it's time had 10 times the greater options for social interaction than this, why would anyone design such a poorly designed system, it should be obvious to anyone that is not influenced creating bias towards the mechanic.

Anyone else agree or would care to share their concerns? I played d2 for what? 12 years to this day now? And I still play that game hardcore, and a lions share credit for that is the great communication it offered, I could never play a multiplayer game for long that was pretty much a single player game, it makes no sense to me?
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The lack of difficulty in the beta is the main reason for the lack of chatting. There just isn't much that needs to be said frankly...
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i died for the first time today on HC mode :( tried to do a "weapons only run" with a dh. Second try I got it though. Not too many people that I'm aware of would be interested in hearing about my naked run. Although when I do join a multiplayer game I always try to talk to people. makes things interesting.
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I agree OP, I hate the bnet 2.0 interface. A simple lobby would fix a lot of these problems. or even bnet 1.0.
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I don't have access to Beta but I have seen and read things that give me a basic idea so if I assume something that is false please forgive me.

Chatrooms - In D2 we had chatrooms that people would sit in all day and talk about nonsense. I was never one to partake in such, but my view is if D3 players want to talk to each other about nothingness then why not let them? Why remove it?

Choosing Games Based on names - In D2 we used to be able to see the games that were recently created and in the same difficulty. Why do I have to choose a quest? I'm sorry if this has been made clear elsewhere but to me it is pointless to hide the games. Why can I not join Game X or Game Y from a list because the title is what attracted me to it.

This game seems awesome, but the removal of certain things that D2 has does seem backwards. I do not want to seem like I am bashing, but hope to provide constructive critcism.
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