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What does Diablo 3 and Starcraft almost seem to have in common with the Story line?
Well, before you write your troll post, let me explain a little.

Starcraft had a Girl who used to be a good guy. But then she was taken and Turned into the Queen of Ants. (Boss) Then, In Starcraft 2, Raynor (Another good guy) becomes an outlaw on accident by doing the right things. He works hard to rescue this girl and turn her back into a human using an alien artifact known as the "Microwave Oven" or it could of been known as "Giant Sun Magnifying Glass". Either case, it was used to burn hordes of incoming ants.

Now, in Diablo 3... We have an Angel named Tyreal who decided to help the Human race. He eventually ended up destroying the Worldstone to save the human race. Sadly, the council does not approve of Tyreal's actions and feel he is too attached to the human race. Tyreal then becomes an Outlaw in Diablo 3. Meanwhile, off in some distant land never visted before, (Tristram), A girl works hard to uncover the truth of what is to come. She then soon finds herself becoming the Main boss of the Game Diablo. The heros and Tyreal will work hard on not only destroying the demons, but probably saving her and turning her back into a human. (Hopefully not with a Microwave Oven)

So as you can see... I am starting to see a possible copy cat here >_>

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There was already a huge similarity between Kerrigan from SC, and Arthas from War3. They basically go through the exact same thing.

Also Raynor became an outlaw way before SC2. He essentially became one as soon as he decided to turn against Mengsk, at the end of the Terran (first) campaigns in SC Vanilla.

Hah. Good point@
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