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Looking for some guidance from fellow Monks.

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Okay, now that the release is rapidly approaching my Diablo 3 interest is spiking again. I'm interested in being able to heal and pulling my party out of a tough spot. I'm playing with RL friends who aim to go far in the game, and difficulty. I understand this is not WoW and there is no ideal party setup. However, I'll be playing with a Witch Dr, Barb, & Demon Hunter and i like being able to land a fate altering heal/serenity type ability. Gonna post a build I put together (without great knowledge of how things look in game), and hope you guys can steer me in the right direction.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#VUgQfY!Zcf!ZcbZcc (I'm still unsure on some abilities and don't want to be useless deeps)

Thanks - Duuism. (account got hacked a little while back and name is now "Jkdadsa" -_-.)
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Any constructive criticism will be appreciated!
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This is a pretty nice looking build for a group set up.

However, there are a couple changes I would make considering you're saying you want this more as a support build.

First would be Serenity. I'd probably change that for Inner Sanctum (with maybe the Safe Haven rune, you're choice really.) I say use this ability because you'll have two ranged attackers that would benefit huge from this as they can just stand in it, stay protected, and lay on the damage while the barb, I assume would absorb most of it.

Next would be blinding flash. I would probably say change this for something that might heal like breath of heaven. This will also make your Guiding Light passive proc a lot more since you'll be spending your spirit to heal more.

Those are just my two cents though without trying to alter your build too much.

Cyclone strike mixed with WotHF with Windforce is probably going to be the best and most used combination...

Also as a note: I'm not too sure what the game is going to define as a "direct heal" when talking about the Guiding Light passive. I feel like Mantra of Healing will not count towards a "direct heal" which is another reason why I think Inner Sanctum with the Safe Haven rune will be good (as long as that healing counts as "direct healing")

If anyone has any idea about the exact definition of "direct heal" is that would probably help.
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A suppport build without Breath of Heaven?

To answer the above poster:

Direct heal would be Breath of Heaven or any other heal that is not a regenerative effect.
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Now looking over everything and getting a little clarification on what a direct heal is... it seems that there are only 2 abilities that will proc Guiding Light (Breath of Heaven and Cyclone Strike with Soothing Breeze rune.)

Since this is the case... I would say lose your Resolve Passive and swap it for Beacon of Ytar which reduces all cooldowns by 15%. This way you'll be able to heal more frequently and be able to deal more damage.
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My only criticism is that Cyclone Strike seems out of place. You have high spirit costs but circular breathing, chant of resonance and strong spirit might be enough to balance it out.

Since you are going to be playing group support, I don't think Resolve passive is worth a slot in this build. In my mind it's really only useful if you are using it with mantra of conviction + submission (where every mob within 20 yards takes 12% dmg per second thereby debuffing damage by 25% to any mob that comes near you) or if you are soloing(maybe).

Maybe instead of resolve, you use Exhalted Soul for extra 100 spirit or Transcendence to get healed for all that spirit you are spending?

This is my latest build; it is very similar to yours. I am not 100% sure on my rune choices for 100 Fists or Exploding Palm though.


This build uses Guardian's Path so it is obviously based on me being able to duel wield. I think that a perpetual 25% damage debuff to everything within 20 yards of me is very good and it synergizes well with an additional 15% attack speed. Also, more dodge is good. But if I end up using a shield I will probably switch it out with Transcendence or Chant of Resonance.
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How much support are you wanting to play as?

Full support? = Crowd Control, Heals, very little damage spells

Half support? = Mixed CC and Heals but more DPS than full.

Light Support? = maybe 1 heal or mantra heal, 1 CC, more dps focus or debuffing focus. Damage reduction and damage spells.

I'll do my best to show you what each of these mean to me when I think of how my wife and I will both be playing Monk. She wants the MOST support, I want to be half or light depending on difficulty.

So lets begin.

First, off your spirit generator could be ANYTHING! I like to try to us WotHF for most damage, while my wife might us DR or Crippling wave for armor or the reduced attack speed and damage reduction. So pick a generator that fits you. Damage or support. Any will do with any of these builds.


Second, I have dash always because this build relies on coordination and you getting to the same mob as your melee barb or fellow monks. OR it could get you to your ranged casters who may be in a pinch and need you there right away. This is why i like Dash. I would use either the reduce cost for 10 spirit or the 20% dodge chance for 3 seconds.


Now here is where the details come into play. Countless ways you can think about this as far as "Support" being your focus.
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Lets go with Full Support:

Lets work backwards from the Mantra because the other 3 just fit with a perfect CC/HEAL support that would make your team almost immortal.

MoH - Boon, Time of Need - Either of these runes are great. Boon gives a 15% max HP shield for 2 seconds. If you in the middle of a champion pack that you know is going to have some sort of AOE explosion when they die, for 50 spirit you can give everyone a shield and bonus healing for 3 seconds. It can be used as a "Oh $hit!" button. Time of Need gives 20% resistance to ALL FORMS OF DAMAGE. This include physical, magical, ranged, everything. 20% damage resistance is not bad for an on going passive heal.

Full support should have nothing less than this mantra. If you wish to use MoC with runes that add to targets damage reduction for support as well as free damage please feel free. I would call that half support. Doesn't make it less, its just both aggressive and defensive. MoH is full defense and that it why its Full Support.

Now as for the last 3 skills. Only one of these change out come the other support types. But that will come later.

Blind 3 sec, CD - 12.75 with BoY passive.
Inner Sanc 6 sec, CD - 25.5 with BoY passive.
Serenity 3 sec +2 for allies, CD - 17 with BoY passive.

Here is a scenario for you as the sole Monk in game. It only gets better with more Monks.

Dash to allies or target your allies are trying to burn down. Start the sequence.Total time passed in (##)

Blind 3 sec (3)
Inner Sanc 6 sec (9)
Serenity 3 sec (12) 2 sec allies (11)
@ this point you have a window of .75 seconds before Blind is back up.
Blind 3 (15)

So with just 1 Monk, you can ground and pound, CC, and Heal all your allies while keeping them immortal from ALL forms of attacks. The only hole in this is ranged DPS from afar. This can be healed through as you all stand on the Sanc and get heals, your MoH is healing, and any Life leech you may have will heal as well.

So looking at the time.

You have 15 seconds of all this immunity. Remaining cool downs after sequence is over.

Inner sanc starts @ 25.5-(6+3+3) = 13.5 seconds before you can do this again. (so right after blind is back up)
Serenity starts @ 17-(3+3) = 11 seconds.

So after your last blind. By the time it is back up for a 3rd go you can repeat this sequence ALL over again.

So for 15 seconds of complete control you have to wait 12.75 seconds before repeating.


Half Support:

Same idea as above but with less CC and more Damage.

Took out Sanc, which was our big heal, and slid in BoH. We still have a heal but you also just picked up 31% weapon damage, 61% additional damage to blinded targets. You can drop Serenity and keep Inner sanc if you wish as well. (see why with more Monks it makes this build even more ridiculous)

I changed out MoH for MoC. Again Half Support is a mix of all but leans towards more damage. MoC can be runed with whatever you wish. LL for heals, Damage per sec for Resolve, reduced damage for survival. MoC is a very versatile mantra and I see many monks using this come Inferno.

You can some good CC but the benefits shine when your buffing your allies with BoH and Guiding Light for bonus damage.

Now you can keep the 3 CC's if you like the idea of keeping everyone from being hit for 15 seconds and swap out MoH for MoC. Its still a strong support build with offensive properties of MoC. (btw, that is what i will be doing.)
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Light Support:

note, come light support the options are endless. So this is just one idea but you can mix and match how you please. Again your focus for support is to

CC, Heal, boost damage, or reduce damage coming to you and your allies through DR or Evasion.

This build has some neet damage features:

All mobs taking 12% more damage from all these bonus damage below.
All mobs within 20 yards taking 12% weapon damage per second.
All mobs within 10 yards taking 57% wd (SW, we dont know if it is per second or attack speed)
All you attacks gain 49% weapon damage
All you attacks gain 79% weapon damage vs blinded targets.

Max damage output of this build to blinded targets is pretty decent.

110*(1.18+.15+.16) = 163 (Thanks for catch l0032)

163+30(blinded)+57(passive aoe tick from SW and MoC) = 250%

Wait we are not Finished!

250% + 12(additional damage from MoC or 24% additional damage to targets for 3 seconds)

So the 3 second window where you pop blind and MoC. You will be pumping out 274% weapon damage with Deadly Reach! 262% without MoC buff, 232% without blinded targets.

So 248-280 for your spirit generator while keeping 1 heal and 1 CC.

Blah, that was long. I apologies for the novel.

But this is how my mind works when i think "Support" Either your all in, half in, or only offering light support.

Hope this sparks your way of thinking when putting builds together.
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03/26/2012 03:45 PMPosted by D3BETA
math is a bit off, its 110*(1.18+.15+.16) = 163

thanks for catch. So i was selling it short. It could do more damage.
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My wife and I plan to play together and when you add 2 monks into the CC rotation. It becomes endless.

We can essentially keep the mobs away long enough for all CD's to reset. So no down time, just constant Blind's, Inner Sanc's, and Serenity's.

We plan on trying this out to see how effective full CC will be. The math and timers all look sound. Eager to see how hard it is to stand in the inn sanc circle every time.

With dash it shouldn't be an issue.
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Wow thanks so much everyone, this will be a huge help to me. @Archangel, no worries about the novel this is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. Me and my friends intend to tackle every difficulty so this is hugely helpful!! To be honest I'm not entirely sure what I want to do. Probably something like your build tbh. I definitely want to be able to put out some nice DMG when the need arises, but I will definitely be the support of the party. I'll be able to play around more when my friends know exactly what their builds are going to look like. Thanks again for the insight everyone.

@Archangel, I do notice your builds don't have Exploding Palm, which according to the threads I've read is quite the ability. I also heard inner sanctuary's range was weak, but the ability does seem immensely useful...especially with the ranged DPS in my group. Also like the insight on dashing strike, I'll definitely be adding that to my build
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@Maraloc....i heard breath of heaven doesn't scale...so I wasn't sure if it was going to be viable in a level 60 support build

@Mastodon I also really like your build...all i changed was the rune on Serenity, I can't pull myself away from Tranquility. I'm really just going to debate how/if I'm going to get inner sanctuary and dashing strike in there
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03/26/2012 04:52 PMPosted by Jkdadsa
@Archangel, I do notice your builds don't have Exploding Palm, which according to the threads I've read is quite the ability. I also heard inner sanctuary's range was weak, but the ability does seem immensely useful...especially with the ranged DPS in my group. Also like the insight on dashing strike, I'll definitely be adding that to my build

For a support build to use EP it would have to be a half support or light support. Remember, when we start reflecting "How can i use these damage skills?" and we are trying to keep support your going to run into a conflict of interest.

This doesn't mean you CAN'T have both. It only means your not going to be a master of either.

I'll try to build a support build with EP. But what i would do is ask one for your friends to pick up the slack then for CC. If you have a barb, have them use stomp for the 4 second stun.

All i could come up with. What i have found in my studies is EP and SW go almost perfectly hand in hand with one another. The reasoning behind it is your getting 3x the attacks off in the same amount of time you are using a basic attack.

With SW being kept up to full for 45%. EP ticking away for 73% wd per second for 3 seconds. You have a combined 118% wd hitting the mob you have EP on each second. Then you add in your normal attacks to that target and your pushing close to 300% weapon damage to the target your wanting to POP.

With EP and 30% max hp being a VERY large hp pool in Inferno. It is easily one of our strongest single target skills. The more you can keep EP going the better.

Just remember. If your wanting to support, support, but if your wanting to EP and do damage, you can't be AS good as a supporter as you COULD be. Remember what you are wanting to accomplish and shoot for that goal.
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Oh yeah Inner Sanctuary:

The range is large enough to prevent any mob from hitting you within Melee Range. So all 4 party members could stand on the emblem and they wont take any hits from melee.

The kicker to it is the ability to heal and crowd control.

You have different skills that can do this and you can decide. I am breaking them down into catagories with the runes that would match these up.

(CC time, Healing Amount, CD time.)

Inner Sanc - 6 sec CC, Heals for (1550 x 6) so 9300hp every 30 sec, or 25.5 with BoY
BoH - 1.5 fear CC when runed, Heals for 6202-7442 every 15 seconds, or 12.75 with BoY
CS - No CC, Heals for 1240 no cool down, 50 spirit cost.

Now if you use Transendence as a passive. You can get additional healing from all 3 of these skills.

Inner Sanc - 30 spirit = 1860 heal
BoH - 25 spirit = 1550
CS - 50 spirit = 3100

Notice how Blizzard disgned these almost like how i organize support? Full, Half, Light

The focus changes in each.
  • Inn Sanc. has the highest CC and up front the highest heal but twice the cd.
  • BoH after being used twice will surpass Inn Sanc on heals but you just spent 50 spirit vs 30 in the same amount of time. With that in mind you only got 3 seconds of fear instead of 6 seconds of immunity. So its a trade off. More heals, less CC
  • CS with no CC can heal but it also shares the highest cost. The advantage is you pick up damage. The other two dont have damage effects with the runs i used in this example. So to be fair we can conclude that CS would fit under light support.

  • This is how my brain works when deciding which skills to use. Do i want more heals up front or overall? Do i want more CC or more damage?

    Pick your path young master. I look forward to hearing how you decide to walk your path with your friends. Good luck!
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    @Archangel, In short...you're the man hah. After re-evaluating what you said you're absolutely right, i think I'm hoping to be a little bit more than I can in terms of Support/DMG. What sparked my interest the most was your Half Support build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WdYXgk!ZfV!cZcbbc (all i changed was the rune on dashing strike). From your knowledge, with this build I'm assuming I'll be mainly support with added overall group DPS. What are your thoughts on having serenity over inner sanctuary. Also how do you feel on guardians path?

    Thanks for making that build with EP too!! That seems like a lot of fun and i intend to try that out too.

    P.S - Sorry for all the questions and thanks for all your guidance! You've already made me a better Monk for my party
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    03/27/2012 10:45 AMPosted by Jkdadsa
    What are your thoughts on having serenity over inner sanctuary. Also how do you feel on guardians path?

    Thank you for the compliments. Flattery will get you anywhere (^-^)b

    So lets look at your question:

    Serenity vs Inner Sanc

    Inner Sanc - 6 sec CC, 9300 heal, 25.5 sec CD
    Serenity - 3 sec CC, 2 sec CC for allies, 17 sec CD

    My thoughts here would be to ask the question, "Do we need the healing?" I ask this first because it is the only thing different between the two skills that has the largest impact. If your running through a game and are noticing that your allies are not taking a ton of damage, then you may say we don't need the healing from Inner sanc. But Inner San can also be runed to add damage, reduce damage, increase CC time, and heal.

    Serenity is more for you than them. Yes there is a rune that gives all allies a 2 second immunity shield every 17 seconds. This is not bad at all! But the other runes are mainly for you or damage. It can be used as a save button in case of an AOE explosion or a large boss attack like SK's whirlwind. with only 17 CD, its not that long await for you to save your allies in a pinch.

    What this tells me about the 2 skills is that Inner sanc is more geared towards party play and support. While Serenity is more for solo play or buffing yourself.

    I would say play with both. If you want more CC and better heals go with Inner. If you want an "I save you" button every 17 seconds then go with Serenity.
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    True that, thanks again Archangel. I suppose my last question would be in your half support build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WdYXgk!ZfV!cZcbbc. Would you consider using any other passives or abilities? I'm looking at dashing strike, and maybe without inner sanctuary it isn't as useful. However, I do like the idea of being quick on the battlefield for a number of reasons. MoH with Time of Need also seems like quite the ability.

    haha I have to say i love the game already for the tough choices in terms of a build. In short I'm probably going to play around with a number of options, but you're well informed and I will definitely strive for your support build, or something similar.
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    Guardians Path:

    I may not be the best person on this subject. There are a lot of other monks who favor the dodge build more than I.

    I like to stack defense and damage reduction with slight dodge properties. Others find dodge to be more valuable because it has a chance to avoid ALL damage vs's reducing all damage.

    Me, I am a guy who likes to know what i have to work with. With dodge, you could take 100 attacks and still never dodge one of them. Even if your dodge is 50% you could still, in theory, take all 100 swings and not dodge. Where as DR is constant. each of those 100 swings your taking only a % of it vs's ALL of it with dodge.

    This is, of course, if your stacking one over the other. Dodge or DR. Most of us here have decided that a balance of both is the right choice. So Guardians path is growing on me.

    I love resolve, seize the initiative, guardians path, the new Beacon of Ytar (only with my support builds) Transcendence (Solo play) Guiding Light with BoH (like in your build)
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