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Attempt at a Generalist Build

Well I can't PLAY a demon hunter yet, but maybe I can make one on paper and let people tell me how much it sucks.

I've always played the archer in every Diablo game, this one will be no exception. I tend to specialize in what I used to call "chicken fighting" but is now called "kiting". Sounds more dignified.

I'm not really into PvP, I just suck at it, I like to go mop up monsters to blow off steam, sometimes alone or sometimes with others. To that end I think any strategy I use has to have three legs, like a stool:

1. Defense
2. A way to handle gobs of mobs all at once
3. A way to kill elites and help others kill the elite too

To me that's any viable Diablo character I've ever played in very general terms. If you can do those three things, it tends to work out.

Right. So the build.


Okay let's start with the easy stuff - Defense Leg

Vault with Tumble - I want to get far, far away fast.

Caltrops with Jagged Spikes - I think because I have another way of slowing enemies, which doesn't bother me in and of itself, this is probably the best rune for me to use.

Anyway I have always wished I had a better defense than putting on a rune word so I could teleport, so those two are staying no matter what else. That's the defensive leg of the strategy.

Now how do we handle it when a big pile of monsters like spawns? Well I would probably die, but assuming instead I were a competent Diablo player what might I do then.

Entangling Shot with Chain Gang - Hungering Arrow could be the other way to go here, but this seems like a no brainer for someone who's consistently played with a kiting approach.

Strafe - Okay this is just stupid perfect. I can run away AND shoot them ALL, WITHOUT Aiming!?

It's been my experience this general approach by itself just won't kill the monsters past a certain point late in Normal difficulty. But I figure it's a viable way to "soften up" a big crowd and gives me the option to run and gun. I like this so far for the "handle lots of monsters" leg.

Finally we have the Elites killer leg. How do we help take down the big 'un?

Marked for Death - I felt like Contagion was the most diverse rune here. This reminds me of the Amplify Damage curse, sort of. It was really basic, it didn't do much on its own, but everyone appreciated it. It's also meant to combo with:

Impale - I did my research. I know Rapid Fire hits harder. But I move around too much playing Diablo, I don't think I'd ever be able to channel.

I am debating the rune and skill choice here however. I am debating if Overpenetration isn't the butter rune, or if I shouldn't grab Elemental Arrow isntead. Cluster Arrow is too much hatred to spend, and the other thing Vengeance or whatever is on a cooldown. I just know that in most boss fights, as the archer, I usually wound up killing the adds and minions so the melee characters could kill the nasty. That always seemed to work better than directly targeting the big bad thing myself, although I always got at least a few shots in on it.

The passives are very general I think, should help keep me going longer. Running out of juice is a problem for this build I can foresee.
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Is my take on your build. As the one thing I saw was you didn't have many resource regeneration skills I added smoke screen with its hatred regen rune. The skill smoke screen would be perfect for someone who likes to kite and if you check out it's use in game it is a very powerful skill it's not like the wd skill where if he attacks he gets revealed. As far as strafe goes I'm personally more a fan of multishot as it fills the eoa role pretty good however kiting is probably better with strafe and it costs less hatred I believe. I haven't actually seen strafe in use so I can't really decide if I would use it or not.

I thought about going with the damage passive that works when an enemy is slowed however I'm not sure if it will be better then the weapon mastery one in terms of dps. I also changed up the deathmark rune as I feel having an eoa dps buff is better then one that spreads however having not seen either I'm not really sure. I also changed to the discipline regen passive for crits as I feel the build as I have it would eat a bit more discipline.

The build I plan on doing uses hungering arrow for more single target dps however I may rethink that now as the slow from entangling is pretty good. I also dropped caltrops from your build as I feel it generally does not slow mobs enough and you already have ent arrow to do that anyways.
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Oooh, now that's a very good critique, I like that. On paper anyway. In game both of these may suck, but we'll find out. But taking it on its face:

Dropping the Caltrops for a Smoke Screen that helps with the general resource draining problem is another way to go I'll have to think about. The funny thing about that tweak is it actually makes it even more of a generalist I think.

The Impact Rune is also an interesting choice, although to be honest I don't think it matters what rune I put on Marked for Death. I can see Valley of Death as being better though. Nicely done.
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I have played with it a little bit. It involves changing play style somewhat but it looks viable.


I took out Smoke Screen for Caltrops again, since I got rid of Entangling Shot. The passives and the runes all fold into each other now.

Basically it sacrifices the emphasis on kiting and adds critical hit synergy. It's rather generic in my opinion but that's sort of the idea.
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you will have major discipline issues with that build
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On paper, the potential to do that is there.

But in practice, this is a generalist build and you're not going to use every one of these things constantly. If I'm playing solo, it's often going to be smarter to attack than to lay down a curse first (but not always). If I'm in a group supporting a melee character, often the best thing I can actually do is make them perform better.

The other thing is, if I'm cursing an enemy, I'm not as likely to be Vaulting, etc. because that's a different fight than one where I'm thinning the hordes. I switch tactics between solo and group play greatly.

But it very well might not work however and I acknowledge that, as this exercise is theoretical. If that's the case, I'll switch something out and adjust. Heck my old play style might not even work any more, this whole thing might be a bad build for me.
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I like your first build the best, the second one relies too much on critical strike for my tastes.

The only thing is with the first build, consider taking Chemical Burns for Impale instead of Grievous Wounds. For one, your critical chance is likely to be very low until you have godly gear, and Chemical Burns makes a HUGE, reliable damage increase on each Impale.

And maybe don't use Entangling Shot, since you have caltrops already. Hungering with the increased piercing rune is decent for single targets, or you can take imminent doom bolas if you want to kill enemies in an aoe.
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