Ok so I have been talking and looking at the forums about the crappy performance that people have and some dont. I recently picked up a watercooler bye the way the h100 is working very well.

My system is

EVGA 790I pwm
intel qx650 CPU 3ghz
8 gigs of ram
2 EVGA 460 1 gig

So what Im trying to say here is during big battles or evan When Jondar pokes his stick at the Sticks so we could go down the stairs I would drop to 15 20 FPS and we all have talked about this being server issue not are PC.

I Oced my computer Stable at 3850GHZ and my fps in battles and Jondar stick poking drops to now 55fps.

Im sure when the game comes out that it wont do this but I stoped it bye adding a little power.