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DH thoughts vs other characters and 1st build

Hey All,

I played the DH last night for the first time since I received the beta and thought it was extremely fun and powerful. I have been a fan on the Monk since its announcement and plan to roll one @ release, but the DH has me second guessing.

I am looking for a character that has plenty of utility in groups but can also solo content fairly well. I played the WD a bit and it did'nt seem to have that "Diablo" feel to it.

I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on the DH so far in comparison to the other characters. Also how it may fare in the higher difficulties.

This is my first build, so I am expecting a bit of criticism, but i feel that it may be pretty solid.


Thanks in advance
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I'm thinking I will roll a DH at the start and I was leaning towards monk at first. I think the demonhunter will be fairly good at soloing as you can kite mobs very easily while a monk or barbs would have to fight them head on. I think the demonhunter will be the best class for clearing large mobs of monsters and probably have the hardest time vs bosses as the amount of tanky skills and passives seems much less then some of the other classes. The dh is probably a good choice for team play as you want high dps in team games and having multiple players means you can split up the monster aggro. I'm thinking the cow level or pony level or goblin level if it has lots and lots of mobs will be a great place for the dh to farm so that is also one reason I am going with it instead of a monk. I also like the way the demonhunters armors look at end game a bit better then the monk. Vault is a really good skill for traveling faster and kiting and that is also one of the factors in why I am picking dh first.

Actually though I may just do 2-3 chars at a time because the shared stash makes xfering newbie gear so much easier so the idea would be to go through act1 with one class then send all the good low level gear to the next champ and do act1 over. That way I would also be getting good enough gear to roll through act2 when I start that act on the first guy. It would also mean that when i got to inferno I would have 2-3 chars to work with however it would take me more time to get there so I might not get part of the first gg item finds. I'm really not sure how much longer it would take and also I might not want to sit through each act multiple times so I'm not sure I'll do this yet.
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