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Cleave Vs. Frenzy

85 Draenei Shaman
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I am debating two very similar builds, the only difference is the fury generator.

The title says it all, which skill do you feel is more useful, especially asking those who had beta access as I did not :(

The builds:



Both builds have stuns, self healing, and massive free aoe. hence my debate on whether I need more aoe or more single target from cleave or frenzy.
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I havent played in the Beta but i will say that the build looks well balanced except for the lack of fury generation & inspiring presence looks out of place with just the 1 shout in your build.
If you planned on using a mighty weapon with weapon master disregard the fury gen statement
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85 Draenei Shaman
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The last talent was originally brawler, and I may change it back. The self heal and only having to cast my damage buff every 60 seconds was the reason I liked inspiring.

EDIT: I also plan on using a mighty weapon :)

Also only hammer and the shout take fury, which is why I wanted to only cast it once per minute. So basically all of my fury goes to hammer.
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Frenzy with the damage buff rune is really strong, but 95% of the time cleave will always do more damage. As long as cleave hits at least 2 enemies, it does amazing damage. It's pretty weak against single targets, but I rarely find myself fighting just one enemy at a time unless it's a boss. You can always switch up skills before a boss fight.
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25 Troll Hunter
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Maybe consider taking the fury gen rune on cleave, as your best dps is going to be on HotA. Also, with just one shout, inspiring presence probably isn't as good as bloodthirst or an armour enhancer IMO.

Not a bad build, but you're light on armour/damage mitigation for a lvl 60 considering that you only have low or intermittent healing.
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Frenzy + thunderstrike is a great combo, especially if you rune frenzy with maniac. You can burst a single target down quickly, then finish with thunderstrike. This stuns everything around it, then rinse and repeat. If you are going to use cleave, I don't think thunderstrike compliments it well, as the mobs will die around the same time anyways.
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Cleave + Rupture rune (killed enemies explode for 85% WD in 8 yd radius) is a beast at killing packs of monsters.

Frenzy (especially with a large two handed weapon) is nuts for hacking down a high HP boss in a hurry. With the Maniac rune at level 59 ( *cry* ) it will be even better.

Bash with Clobber (no knockback but 20% chance to stun for 3 seconds) can stunlock the Skeleton King (in normal mode at least) into a ridiculously easy fight.

Posted about Bash as early on vs. single target I feel it may be even better than Frenzy, given the runes available.
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03/28/2012 10:19 AMPosted by D3BETA
Posted about Bash as early on vs. single target I feel it may be even better than Frenzy, given the runes available.

This highly depends on if the later on bosses are still stunable or not.

But still i doubt that that build would generate enough fury to keep your fury spending skills going
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I'm having the same problem deciding, i have 2 builds in mind with only real difference is Cleave vs Frenzy.

Cleave = faster farming of regular mobs
Frenzy = faster beat down of bosses

however, most "bosses" for loots sake, will be packs of rares, in which cleave remains on top.

however again, I also like the thought of having 2 weapons with +life on hit in order to survive Inferno better with constant lifegain.

I've been playing endless hours of the beta and for me its really just gunna come down to what I have more fun doing, what feels cooler, as opposed to whats "right" Cuz, after you've listened to your barb Cleave for the billionth time in a row, it gets annoying.

Right now, beta isnt hard enough to see how full frenzy stacks handels packs of mobs, cuz they all die in one hit.

As I have typed this, it looks like im gunna go with DW frenzy + lifegain on hit. But at the same time, i'll prob change things up day to day because of the Neph buff, rather than minute to minute. "Lets try 2h cleave today..." etc...

PS, im on Vicodin atm, so sorry for wall of run on
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03/27/2012 11:02 PMPosted by Hoffer
You can always switch up skills before a boss fight.

Keep in mind at 60 with NV you won't be able to do this.

03/28/2012 10:51 AMPosted by D3BETA
This highly depends on if the later on bosses are still stunable or not.

They might be, but even if they are the fraction of a second the duration would be would be incredibly small most likely.

Remember theres a CC resistance stat, it will be a flat # like normal resistances. There won't be pure immunities just the appearance of (if the enemy's stat is high enough).
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I look at it this way.
At 60, you'll want one build and one build only otherwise you lose NV.
There are so many good skills for a barb to take you really want to take just 1 main fury generator.
Those are cleave, bash, or frenzy.
I love the 20% stun chance rune on bash, but just hitting things isnt cool. Who wants to stunlock a million zombies to death? So we have frenzy and cleave.

Cleave: A crude average of hitting 2 monsters at a time, deals 220% dmg per hit.
Frenzy: Does 110% dmg per hit, but will hit 0.75 times more than cleave.
So far, fury winning vs single target, cleave winning for overall dmg output.

But what are we really talking about here? Running rares, champs, and bosses right? So you want to be able to single target. If you're able to hit 2-3 rares, then 2-3 rares are able to hit you, and that = dead.
Thus my builds are more frenzy, with a few good aoes (revenge, overpower, ground stomp), based.
As for runes, I say sidearm. Triumph only works if frenzy kills it, vanguard = meh, smite is worse than bash stun, mainiac could be the clincher if it does all damage. However sidearm adds 27.5% weapon dmg per hit, and at max atk speed bonus it gets even better overall. Also it gives you some aoe on your basic attack which doesnt lose anything vs single targets.

EDIT: Typos and the dumb.
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Personally I love the frenzy build in beta. Not sure what to do end game though. Can't help there.
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Cleave with the Rune Rapture is so sweet I love blowing things up, Frenzy is cool because u atk faster but its not as fun as cleave with the rune Rapture.
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