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creating a new rig plz help

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So this is my first time Frankensteining a computer and would like some feedback im aiming for an i5 cuse from what ive read i7s arent needed for gaming just running applications. I was slightly confused as some people recommended geforce 560 ti graphics card when I look it up on newegg they have like 20 choices with a 40 dollar difference as far as the mobo goes I'm not quite sure what to look for in one. Anyway I could try to get this beastie under 800 dollars ;p


edit: oh btw I have a family member who works at walmart so OOOOHHHH 10% discount on their website but meh i still think newegg is a better deal

*Update* getting the processor off walmart brings it down to 200 dollars instead of 225 and instead of that case for 59 i got one off walmart for 40 bucks (sure it looks cool but will it keep my pc cool?) oh and i decided to go wth a 500 gb hard drive I have like 3 externals lying around as it is
that brings the total to 850 dollars, hows that sound price wise? is that a good deal?
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Well, it really depends on how much you want to spend on it. Personally, I think your choices don't lend themselves to upgrading very well.

The PSU should be more than 650W if you're going to SLI anything these days. Shoot for 1000W. It will last longer so you don't have to buy a new PSU in a few years. Personally, I am using a 1200W.

Things like CPU, GPU, and RAM (and possibly mobo) are really what you should be upgrading every few years. The other things should be "good enbough" to last at least 2 builds.

Getting an i5 is a good choice. The 2500K is the best CPU on the market today. Will be "good" for 2-3 years. OC's to 4.5GHz no sweat. Don't forget an aftermarket heatsink. Cooler Master 212 (several to choose from) is a good series to go with.

8GB ram is enough for the next 3-4 years. Be sure your ram is compatible with your mobo.
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ATI is better IMHO. Make sure your HDD is 10k (if you want less "by the gods" moment). Or if you have a lot of money get SSD.

I don't like that case. I hate the case you suggested simply because of that bloody side window. Not a fan of those unless you're getting a monster tower (where organization is much easier) with a water cooling system etc. It simply makes the guts look like an absolute mess.

This is one of the cheaper cases I use and its pretty amazing.

Also 850 is a pretty solid price for what you're getting. I have a few different setups and for playing D3 what you have is good.
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alright another newb question can I take a HDD and store info on it and run my games off of a SSD

*edit* get like a tiny SSD and a Tb or 2 HDD all i could find for 500 gb was 7200 rpm...highly annoying >.>
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Hi Wigsta, I just recently built a rig for the first time as well, and it works like a champ. A friend of mine then built a similar one and likes it. Here's my build:
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There are a ton of resources online for recommendations. You can't take any one persons recommendations on a single item, because all pieces need to fit together. It all comes down to research.

In this day in age, technology advances incredibly fast. Its usually a waste of money to buy premium parts because within 6 months that equipment will be at half price and there will be something new in its place. Most games you can easily handle with slightly older equipment anyway.

You need to think about what you want. Does size matter? How intense do you get? Usually, just look for a MOBO that has room for plenty of upgrades. Things like USB 3.0, SATA III (6Gbit/s), and usually an integrated sound card. Aside from that, depending on what you want, you may need to make sure theres additional slots for a multi-GPU (someone called it SLI here), more HDD slots, wireless internet cards, etc.

Use this site:

It not only helps you with your graphics card, but also your CPU and HDD. What I did was looked at the Best Value charts. From there, I looked at the price ranges that I was looking for, and made sure I got compatible pieces, and then found them on sale at various places (newegg/amazon).

My rig itself only cost me around $500-$600. It can handle anything I throw at it. Its a champ. I could have gotten it for even cheaper if I didn't buy it all within a single weekend and waited for more sales. I spent more money later on a new monitor (now have dual-monitors), a new keyboard, and a new mouse.

Someone else mentioned an aftermarket heatsink for your CPU. Keep in mind you only need that if you are going to overclock. I have 8GB RAM which is plenty right now (make sure you get a 64-bit OS if you go more than 4GB RAM), though you can easily go for more. At the time I built my rig, I thought 2GB sticks were the cheapest route to go, so I maxed out all 4 of my RAM slots. Looking back, I wish I had gone with more ram simply because of the cost. I don't need it right now, but someday I might.

Regarding your SSD question, yes... you can do that. I have a 120GB SSD that I have windows 7 installed on as well as my primary applications (including photoshop), games, etc. All my data is stored on a separate HDD. You can even have your game data (saved games) stored on the HDD if you wanted to.
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Alright hows this look

Case: Antec Three Hundred Illusion Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 55$
(between that and the COOLER MASTER HAF 912) (59$)
PSU: CORSAIR Gaming Series GS800 800W 105$
Mother board: BIOSTAR TZ68K+ 110$
Card: MSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II/OC GeForce GTX 560 Ti 220$
Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB DDR3 1333 42$
(Read that 1333 vrs 1600 doesn't make a diff for gaming)
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Green 500gb 90$
Intel Core i5 Quad-Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz 200$ (224 but 204 with 10% discount)
822$ total

Im not really interested in overclocking or running duel video cards. I wanted to sell my old gateway but now I'm tempted to gut the HDD out and use it assuming it would work with this system
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