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Ingame voice chat support, random maps & more

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Just curious about several things that I wasn't able to determine from my beta video patrolling (Like trolling, only paternal).

Firstly, will blizzard have built in, in-game voice chat support? Given the Diablo series' fast paced nature and large dependency on keeping the hand on the mouse, will blizzard be offering voice chat for players to communicate easily during difficult battles and boss fights? Or will we need to resort to ventrilo/skype etc.?

Secondly, although dungeon maps are clearly randomized, will the outdoor environment be the same? I couldn't tell for certain from the beta videos, and the beta is hardly solid evidence to extrapolate detailed information, but will all outdoor worlds be randomized such was the case in previous Diablo games?

Finally, as a discussion point for my own personal interest, what are your thoughts on the new checkpoint system? Do you think it's too friendly; not punishing enough for death? Or will the ridiculous amounts of inferno deaths justify it? I'm in the middle on the issue, someone make me love it!

Thanks for any and all answers!


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1. I don't have a definite answer, but I would assume so, since starcraft2 had it, but it was possible to mute people. Me and my friends use skype however, as the quality is pretty good. I find built in voice chat lacking.

2. The outdoor environments (at least beta) are not randomized. (outdoor environments that AREN'T considered dungeons at least) for purposes of navigation probably.

3. I think the checkpoint system is good, I think Inferno (and even beforehand) will present a great deal of challenge to players, and not hving a checkpoint system would create a lot of frustration. I can't wait for the challenge, should be fun (with many deaths!) :-)
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The built in voice chat is absolutely terrible on SC2 and in pretty much every game. Skype/Ventrilo/Teamspeak is what will be used.
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2. The outdoor environments (at least beta) are not randomized. (outdoor environments that AREN'T considered dungeons at least) for purposes of navigation probably.

But you aren't concerned the system might be a little... 'soft' (for want of a better word)? Diablo 2's complete frustration when trying to fetch your body from a pack of fetishes was one of it's highlights, for me anyway, the brutal disregard for your comfort. The game wasn't afraid to give you that challenge, is what a I mean. Although I can't really make judgement calls until I see hell/Inferno footage, it may well be the case that surviving to reach the checkpoints is hard enough.
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1) I would agree that Skype/Ventrilo/Teamspeak/Mumble would be highly superior to anything D3 would have, just based on the SC2 voice chat. I suppose not everyone would have that, and it would be more difficult to voice chat on those programs when joining random D3 games. In light of this, I could only assume D3 would have this feature, but I could not confirm it.

2) I do not know where I read this, but I was under the impression that outdoor worlds are partially randomized. We see so little of it in the beta, but its all in a walk-through type style for the new players. The part we see in beta is setting the story for us. I imagine once we continue on in the game, we will see more outdoor randomized areas.

3) I suppose its alright. I've never had any qualms with it. I don't find that it ruins my fun any. But we'll see.
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