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The"I'm looking for long lost friends"thread.

You just remembered about some dude you used to play D2 with or an old clan you hung out with when there were chat channels? Maybe you just want to befriend that pk'er that killed you in a pub HC hell game.

Either case, this might be the thread for you. I'm anticipating a lot of folks from D2 will want to find long lost friends or enemies, hopefully this can be the goto place, if not, it'll just sink to the bottom like so many other threads have.

Let me start it off by saying that I'm looking for any old TK (The Keep) members from USeast.

I particularly remember these player names:


Anyway, hopefully this thread is actually useful in finding long lost pals!
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Lol, good freakin' luck.

I guess I'll join in for the hell of it.
I'm CommAshen (USWest), Vandalism. are you out there? Meow. >.<
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Lol, good freakin' luck.

I know it's a shot in the dark, but if one person finds an old friend, it's all worth it no?
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I'm dbd6604 from D2/LoD USEast Softcore. The only person I really remember is some dude who had characters named stuff like:

hashbrown Pally
hashbrown Barb
hashbrown Sorc
hashbrown Necro
hashbrown Zon

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This reminds me of what happened to me in WoW. Back in WotLK or BC I think, maybe it was further back, I played a rogue on alliance side and had made a friends with a pally. We started raiding together and I would lead a lot of pug raids that went rather successfully since I would look for people a few days before, screen them, etc. Too much time spent on that honestly, was easier just getting into a good guild and being part of their runs.

Anyway, pally and I were together for a long while and eventually I quit. We lost contact eventually.

Then comes cataclysm and I decide to start playing again, nothing serious. I start a goblin mage and thought I'd just play for the storyline and crap... nope. I powerleveled my !@# to 85. I got there pretty quick, in about 2 weeks.

Eventually, joined a good guild and raided, was the top guild in a very populated (one of the original) servers, actually, progression wise anyway. Unfortunately drama happened and the guild split up.

I started looking around for guilds, but I wasn't satisfied with being with low progressed guilds.

Anyway, one day I saw a name that I recalled, or at least it was similar, but when I /who'd the person, it was a different class and I recall he was alliance.

Eventually, I saw a similar name again, and who'd it and saw it was a pally... so I whispered him. Turns out it was him. And he had faction transferred with a small band of people I remembered raiding with. Unfortunately, they didn't care for progression as much as I did, though they were doing decently. He was being cocky saying that they could do it... but progression doesn't lie. I was into heroic raids already and they had just finished the normals.

But still, since I had nowhere to go, caught up with each other a bit. Was good memoriess and talking to him again.

/dear diary.
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Missing my Saleena from WoW..
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<--- Barbarella HC USwest, I collected over 100 of your ears.
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SweetHappa, i miss them pancakes :(

US ladder West

(i don't remember my account name at the time xD way tooooooo long ago, and many account wipes latter = memory faded )
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I remember when i first start playing Diablo 2 i was 10, (first started playing diablo 1 at 5, total boss :P) anyway this one dude i gave my account info to just to borrow a couple times and one day my pw was changed and all my items were gone. I knew it was him he refused to admit it.

3-5 years went by and I seriously have no idea how, but i found this kid when we BOTH had different account names and everything and somehow got into a convo that made us realize HOLY !@#$ YOURE THAT KID FROM BACK THEN so i buddy buddied with him and one day during his xfer he dropped an entire cold sorc's on the ground. MONEY MONEY MONEY for me Almost p nightwings, almost p fathom COH and this was literally the patch that had just added some of these items. REVENGE! lol

Karma's a %^-*! tho...and as i was x-fering some of the items the person just left the game...didn't even take the dam items o.o
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80 Gnome Warlock
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Im looking for an old hardcore d2 player named NoRagePlz he was a 99 barb last season. Im the Jah rune ganker from chaos runs.
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It's funny how games like these can bring people together. Lets hope someone answers this thread!
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If anyone finds a person they're looking for in this thread, they should make a movie about it.
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04/03/2012 04:54 PMPosted by D3BETA
It's funny how games like these can bring people together. Lets hope someone answers this thread!

Yeah!! I like threads like this.
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