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The"I'm looking for long lost friends"thread.

Ahhh man, why did you have to make this thread? I remember way back in 2003 when I first started playing closed b.net...I went into a public game and started talking to this sorceress. I was really just looking for a rush, but we were both messing around in the game, and we ended up in a party. There was someone else in the game with us. He was a paladin minding his own business in town, and he was a lot lower level than the both of us.

I cannot remember how the sorceress did it, but he ended up tricking the paladin to come through our tp, and as soon as he stepped through, the sorc killed him. I started laughing so hard I was crying.

Lee, if you're out there, I miss you buddy. We had some really fun times. You might recognize my old account names, something along the lines of Killer_Council or Council_Killer..and eventually Plague_Rages (Don't laugh I was only like 13 if I remember right). Also my name is Mike. Hopefully you remember that.

Also, the server was USWEST, Softcore.
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04/03/2012 05:21 PMPosted by Mith
While not in this specific thread, I found an old D2 pal on this forum that I haven't communicated with in many years and I'm looking forward to playing D3 with him.

That's awesome. Congratulations!
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This is Ressurrector (correct spelling not available at the time) on USWEST from the Battle.net forums, trade mod at one point.

Wondering if Okami is out there, your enchantress with the holy fire/holy shock auras was beastly, was fun the one time we team PvP'd together.
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04/03/2012 05:24 PMPosted by D3BETA

Napalm Death??? :D
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04/03/2012 05:31 PMPosted by D3BETA

Napalm Death??? :D

Don't recognize that lol, is that a band? That's the only thing I can think of.
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I had a nemesis in diablo 1. His name was voldemort and my name was always camona. Im not kidding we were literaly nemesi and we ran into eachother like once or twice a weak. we both had character editors and would have epic battles in the cathedral, but one of us never really destroyed the other.

It was so awesome. I forget how it started but im sure it was over me hostiling him in the middle of killing monsters, cuz you could do that in D1. I could tell it was also fun for him to have a nemesis. The good times.
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04/03/2012 05:34 PMPosted by D3BETA
Don't recognize that lol, is that a band? That's the only thing I can think of.

Yes, and they have a song called "Plague Rages."
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04/03/2012 05:30 PMPosted by Anonymous
Possibly D2jspers

yeah im a jsper :P

<--- same name. although i dont really recall a proable..
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My name has been the same since D2.

I haven't found any of my old friends on D3 due to beta rarity etc. But when I log on D2 I see that all but two of my friends actually still logs on and only one of them remembered me. Oh well, looking forward to moving forward unless someone from the past recognizes me in D3 beta or full game.
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This drink is for all my Brothers and Sisters from OTS. Thoose that have fallen and thoose that still stand!


From Diablo through SC and ending with D2.
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(US-East, Diablo Usa-1)


(these are all account names
and not character names)

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Antizerg here, also known as Smashbrohammer for my hammerdin. UsEast Hardcore mode. I use to also be in a old starcraft clan called [BL] black lions, or DF~ dogfoot. Would be interesting to run in some old people I use to know. My accounts in diablo 2 would mainly consists of Antizerg7 or Antizerg9. I had a good friend called backstabz in starcraft, and a good old friend named evil pickles in diablo. Real name is Dustin.
I pked many people with a throw barb lvl 18 in useast hardcore mode. Moggle_Treats was his name.
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Ohh what the heck... I played with someone by the name of LucyFur. In fact, i gave her all my gear when I quit. To be quite honest, I forgot the character name I played under.
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Theres something I love about this thread. I have very little faith that I will find a very specific person I remember playing alot of d2 with but hell I might as well try:

Anyone from the DRK clan actually, but specifically he had chars that used the name Desolater in them IIRC.

In the unlikely off chance that you lurk on these forums I'm that kid whos game you stumbled into because I used the same game name //pass as you did when soloing. You threw me into your guild and we played for something like a year together.

I used a lot of names back then and I think my barb I played on had something with Dragon in the name (its been a long time and I havent had that account for ages). Anyways there's my little stab in the dark.

Edit: Your name was Paul (cant believe I remember that, Im bad with names). I believe you knew me by my name, Brad. Continuing to stab.
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<- BerenOneHand (*Mithrandir<___>) HC USwest, I collected your ear.

Couldn't have, I never died, I let the char expire after that 3 month bs happened. Blizzard killed my char no one else, however it is possible someone made the same name after mine was deleted.
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and im sure other people who baaled with us in erb1/////q
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