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How does magic find work exactly?

I apologise if this has already been addressed, but I did perform a search on the Items forum and couldn't find an answer in the first lot of hits so I'll post this anyway...

Does anyone know how magic find actually affects the chance to get set and legendary items? My understanding is that MF provides a greater chance of an item drop being magical, and as set/legendary items are a subset of magical items, there is a higher overall chance the said item will be set/legendary.

My question is: does it actually work this way, or does MF increase the relative chance that the set/legendary subset of magical items will drop? i.e. let's say that a 'magical' item is rolled by the game engine and there's a 1% chance that that item is a legendary/set item. Does a 50% MF mean that there's a 50% higher chance the item will be 'magical', then a 1% chance that item is set/legendary OR a 1.5% chance (1% + [0.50 x 1%]) that it will be?

I hope that made sense!

PS The Arreat Summit won't help so don't use it to answer - it describes MF as I did in the second paragraph, I'm trying to find out if the relative chance of getting set/legendary items as opposed to just rare/magical items increases too.
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in D2 MF% had Diminishing returns

Unique drop rate MF factors was 250, where =MF*Factor/(MF+Factor)
infinite MF% -> 250% was the limit

so, we don't know without devs telling us...
come may 15th we might still not know, pretty sure it won't be determinable since it is server side
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I can answer the 50% question and the answer is no. 50% does not mean there is a 50% chance to drop a magical item. Each monster has his own % drop rate with bosses being best, champs, elite's and normal mobs. So let's say a lvl 50 Champion Monster has a 25% chance to drop magic, 10% rare, 7% set and 3% unique/legendary. Your 50% mf on you char then raises the 25% by 50% so now it has 37.5% chance for magic and so on. Make sense?

and these numbers are just pulled out of no where. they are not nearly that high. Also in D2 each item had it's own drop rate in ItemLevel. your looked at numbers like for TM, .00000002
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Here is an example. This is Griswold's drop probabilities

Each Treasure class has its own section of items, Mele33 consists of this section below, then below that is every treasure class that Griswold drops. Once a Treasure class is rolled, then the item inside the (TC) is rolled, then it gets another roll to determine if its white, magic, rare, unique, and then the affixes get rolled.

If you have 100% +MF, if an item dropped normally had a 10% chance to be magical, it will now have a 20% chance. For a hypothetical example, say normally out of 100 item drops, you would get 20 magic, 2 rare, 2 set, and 1 unique. With 100% +MF you'd expect 40 magic, 4 Rare, 4 Set, and 2 Uniques

Drop probabilities for treasure class "mele33"

Items in this TC: Barbed Club (qlvl 32), Battle Dart (qlvl 31), Burnt Wand (qlvl 31), Glowing Orb (qlvl 32), Great Maul (qlvl 32), Great Sword (qlvl 33), Hatchet (qlvl 31), Lochaber Axe (qlvl 33), Poignard (qlvl 31), Rancid Gas Potion (qlvl 32), Rune Scepter (qlvl 31), War Spear (qlvl 33), Wrist Spike (qlvl 32)
Monster Drop chance
The Smith (Nightmare) 5.60123%
Griswold (Nightmare) 5.60123%
The Smith (Hell) 4.51039%
Griswold (Hell) 4.51039%
TC Drop chance
mele33 4.51039%
mele30 4.11094%
mele27 3.69799%
mele24 3.41666%
mele21 3.29139%
mele18 3.14303%
mele36 2.97461%
mele15 2.95859%
armo21 2.77256%
armo18 2.71255%
mele12 2.70669%
armo36 2.55678%
armo24 2.50182%
armo15 2.49293%
armo27 2.38353%
weap18 2.28207%
weap42 2.27892%
weap21 2.25373%
armo12 2.24285%
weap39 2.23208%
mele9 2.18470%
weap15 2.02728%
armo30 1.99924%
armo9 1.80186%
weap45 1.80046%
weap12 1.77901%
weap36 1.75433%
weap51 1.68381%
weap57 1.64374%
weap24 1.58698%
weap48 1.57984%
armo33 1.55438%
weap54 1.52059%
weap60 1.48279%
weap9 1.41902%
weap33 1.35878%
armo39 1.25867%
armo42 1.13946%
weap27 1.06907%
weap30 0.97740%
armo45 0.90023%
armo51 0.84190%
armo57 0.82187%
armo48 0.78992%
mele6 0.76978%
armo54 0.76029%
armo60 0.74140%
weap63 0.73989%
armo6 0.63488%
weap6 0.49999%
rin 0.39702%
armo63 0.36994%
mele39 0.28527%
amu 0.19851%
mele3 0.18328%
armo3 0.15116%
weap3 0.11905%
cm1 0.09926%
cm2 0.09926%
jew 0.09926%
cm3 0.09926%
gzv 0.06948%
glw 0.06948%
gly 0.06948%
glg 0.06948%
glr 0.06948%
glb 0.06948%
weap66 0.06605%
r01 0.04995%
skl 0.04632%
gsr 0.03474%
gsv 0.03474%
gsy 0.03474%
gsw 0.03474%
gsb 0.03474%
gsg 0.03474%
r02 0.03330%
armo66 0.03303%
r03 0.02775%
gfg 0.02481%
gfr 0.02481%
gfv 0.02481%
gfb 0.02481%
gfy 0.02481%
gfw 0.02481%
sku 0.02316%
r05 0.01943%
r04 0.01850%
skf 0.01654%
r07 0.01619%
r06 0.01295%
r09 0.01133%
r08 0.01079%
gcg 0.00993%
gcb 0.00993%
gcw 0.00993%
gcv 0.00993%
gcy 0.00993%
gcr 0.00993%
r10 0.00755%
r11 0.00692%
skc 0.00662%
r12 0.00462%
r13 0.00365%
r14 0.00244%
r15 0.00188%
r16 0.00125%
r17 0.00095%
r18 0.00063%
r19 0.00048%
r20 0.00032%
r21 0.00024%
r22 0.00016%
r23 0.00012%
r24 0.000080%
r25 0.000060%
r26 0.000040%
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Griswold's drop probabilities....

you posted verbose DII mechanics in DIII forums...why?
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