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I would venture to say that most of Blizzard's asian sounding weapon names are just a random prefix and suffix. Those actually taken from history would most likely come from China and Japan because... lets face it, there's a lot more out there about them. As an American with a college degree, I could tell you extensive facts about China and Japan. All I can say about Korea is that the North sucks and the South worships SC. On a related note, I don't see any item names that are derived from Kazakhstan either : /.

That said, Diablo is chiefly set in a medieval world with European influences. Much of the lore, mythology, and legends of Christian Europe can be found in Diablo. It's just kind of... ya know, western. Hence the fact that it's made in the good ole' USA.

Also, the 'finest bow ever created' is an opinion. The widely held opinion on the matter would be a draw between the Mongolian composite bow and the English longbow. Of coarse, the bows you can buy at any Bass Pro shop today are far superior than any bow from ancient times.

(yes, I was THAT bored)
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even though S.Korea provided to Blizzard so much potential to their games and company, but no korean weapon title at all. blizzard needs to show some respect to S.Korean gamer. I saw Chinese weapon title and japanese but no korean. This make me feel so betrayed. Does Blizzard has any reason for that?
There is lots of finest weapon in S.Korea. For example, "Gak-Gung",which made of bull's horn,was world finest bow ever created. This one almost called legend bow. even in japan jealous "Gak-Gung" so they tried to copy but they couldn't find the way to make "Gak-Gung"
Yes, you guys update some Korean set item for Korean user in Diablo 2.
but you know what? that set item almost useless, on the other hand Japanese name "buriza-do kyanon"(blizzard canon) was so useful. that why I expected some great Korean name item in Diablo3.
Blizzard, Please show some respect to S.Korean fan.
I think Blizzard would be interested in knowing more about Korean weaponry.

Are you mostly just looking to have various weapons (or other items) use Korean names, or would you like items to be based on historical Korean weaponry?

Do you have more suggestions for other items or weapons Blizzard could include?
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Honestly, I thought for a wile that Korea was uninhabited until modren times. Nothing really happened there until the Korean war, and nothing really goes on there now. It's like Canada.
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It's like Canada.

with a horde of obnoxious drunk retarded English teachers.
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