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Diablo 3 self contained story?

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Is this game going to be self contained? Are all the stories and literature necessary to understanding the plot going to be in the game, or will it be like world of warcraft where the external books fill in much of the plot holes?

Will there be history about the first 2 Diablos in the game? About how Tyreal was tricked by Izual into using the soulstones? About how the Wanderer was actually the hero from Diablo 1?

I guess it really doesn't matter. I'll play it either way, I already bought it.
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It is a mostly self contained story.

The characters whom we will be interacting with by and large do not understand what is occurring, so as they learn/uncover/figure-out what's going on that info will be related to us as well.

That being said the world we're playing in has a very large and deep setting which is related through the previous games and the various books/media, but they won't be essential to understanding and following the story of Diablo 3. For those players whom are familiar with the setting will likely enjoy seeing the references and locales that we'll visit.

If you'd like a quick, fast, easy, and relatively cheap way of learning more about the history and setting of Diablo 3, then I highly recommend buying a copy of Book of Cain from www.bn.com. They have a good discount on it, and the book itself is gorgeous. It's a very quick read (more of a reference book than an actual novel) and it essentially covers everything about the in-game setting.
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Well, I think that Diablo3 will have the most plot-holes of the series if you are the kind of person that has to know all of the reasonings...there seems to be a lot more depth to the angels and demons in this game, as opposed to the previous two.

They have stated that the story is not going to be as linear as diablo 2, where you just operate off of a "Kill X Prime Evil, Kill Y Prime Evil, etc."

Agree that the Book of Cain is the best way to go...borrow from a friend or buy it yourself, only cost me $20 and is the perfect Diablo Memorabilia masterpiece. I had wished it was like 3x its size so it feels like a tome, though... also, they could have used a better font for the writing....apparently Cain has a typewriter and loves Times New Roman???
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