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CTW build - critique please

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Build Goal:
Keep Caltrops down to maximize damage while laying down AOE or focus fire.

Custom Engineering for increased trap time, Archery and Cull the Weak as obvious choices.

Hungering arrow and Evasive Fire to generate hatred.

Multi-shot for AOESpider companion and frost arrow to augment slowing if I run out of discipline, though I don't foresee this happening until the later difficulties

I think cull the weak seems like a pretty cookie cutter choice for Inferno, after all, if it can't catch you it can't hit you so with that in mind I made this build and want to know what you guys think and if/where it needs some adjustments.
I would like to squeeze Mark for Death in there but I'm not sure where.
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I really like the Frost Arrow/Multi shot build, reminds me of the good ole D2 Bowazon days.

I would ditch the spider companion though, you already have caltrop and frost arrow to slow em down. Get Mark for death if you want ( I would rune it with Valley of Death)

Edit: as much as I like Frost Arrow, I dont think it would do good single target damage, which is what I think your build i lacking. You'd have trouble tackling later difficulties with a bunch of elite mobs and boss fights too.

came up with a modified build with Rapid Fire instead of Frost Arrow and MfD instead of Companion.


basically you'd only used MfD on really tough elites and bosses; Rapid fire will be your single target Hatred dump, runed for 80% slow to benefit from CTW passive and to maximize channeling time before you have to move out of range again. Also with MfD rune, you get 3 Hatred every second for even longer spam :)

Those passives plus MfD give you crazy damage modifiers to single target:

15% CTW
20% Steady Aim
15% Archery (Bow)
12% MfD

62% extra damage total!

Took out Custom Engineering. I just don't like it. You can always just put another trap down. Mobs will probably run out of range of the first trap after a few seconds so no need to have it last 12 seconds imo. Have to see this in game though to tell.
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