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PvM DH build


I was a huge fan of the custom builds in d2, like the auradin and the amasin. This build incorporates all.

Multishot for mass killing will be main killer because who doesnt love multi shot.

Bola- With the rune choice i have the bola will explode with electricity making it a good PI killer.

Entangling- For kiting and allowing myself some time to escape, Will make use of my passive choices as well.

Elemental arrow- My single monster killer and also another elemental weapon. I choose the cold arrow for another element and more versatility

Vault- Obvious reasons, its like a wizard without teleport.

Chakram- I am up in the air about this one, I like the idea of spinning blades and the added protection in a pinch. However im willing to change this but cant deceide on what.

For the passives, culling because of the added damage to slowed, sharpshooter for the crit hit, and steady aim for the added dmg.

Tell me what you think but I believe it is a pretty solid PvM build.
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You definitely need to incorporate some other things in this build. You have some pretty good AoE and slows, but your single target damage is dreadful. I would switch out chakram for Rapid Fire or Impale to get some real single target dps going. Impale glyphed is 375% damage against a single target, and your highest right now is 170%. You could also go with Rapid Fire glyphed with bombardment for 276% damage and slight AoE. It's still not near Impale's damage, but it's something at least. Also I would maybe switch out Bola Shot for Caltrops. You don't need Bola Shot that much since the rune you chose for Elemental Arrow kind of gives it the same effect of a small AoE ability. You also kind of have the slowing build going with Cull the Meak/Entangling Shot/Elemental Arrow, so Caltrops will certainly help make sure everyone is slowed all the time. You're also under-utilizing your discipline at this point with only one disc spell so Caltrops will give you a better use of it. Maybe go with the immobilization rune as extra assurance to keep them away from you? I'm really up in the air as to what rune you want to put on it. Lastly, Sharpshooter isn't really going to do much for you if you don't have spells that rely on crit. It's more or less for crit-based builds so you don't starve yourself for too long. I think you'll find archery to bring you more overall damage.

Here's all the changes I made, feel free to critique anything:

Another change that you could make with this build would be to switch out Entangling Shot's rune to Justice is Served so that it gives you a lot more hatred. That would help considering it's the only thing in the build that can generate hatred and most of your damage is going to come from spending hatred so you don't want to waste too much time trying to fill it back up. You could then switch the rune on Elemental Arrow to Nether Tentacles and use that as your lifesteal ability.
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