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hows this build look?

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Hello everyone, haven't played the beta so I am just going off what I have read, but how does this build look?


I have hungering arrow for hatred generator

Impale as my high damage single target for champions and bosses

spider companion for the slow and extra damage that I don't have to control

Vault for mobility and escapability

marked for death for extra damage vs champions and bosses with the contagion rune for use against mobs as well

Multishot as my AOE and mob control (loved this amazon skill from D2)

What do you all think? Any suggestions?
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I think your build is VERY aggressive. For instance, you don't have any real SLOW skill, only your spider but i doubt it will be enough. I think you're lacking support runes or skills to be honest even though this build would kick some !@# in damage, you would die easily and run out of discipline fast. I don't really like marked for death with contagion runes but thats just me.

If it fits your playstyle though thats not for me to criticize! Good luck surviving hell/inferno though ;)
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I appreciate your response, I am very open to criticism. I would like to have an aggressive build/style, but I don't want to be a complete glass cannon, as that could cause some problems in hell/inferno.

That being said, what would your suggestion be to increase my survivability? Maybe replacing marked for death with caltrops so that I have a real slow?
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It really depends on what you want to prioritize in your build. For example if you MUST have the companion because you just love it so much, you're sacrificing another skill that could make your build completely different such as caltrops that would make you benefit more of your Steady aim passive. You could either remove your vault or companion for caltrop, that way you keep the mark of death that support your group( If you planned on playing with others ) You could also replace Hungering arrow with entangling shot considering you already have impale that is great against solo targets.

Try figuring out what you want in your build:
1. Play solo or with others? Have a support role in that group or more dps/survivability?
2. Do i want to hit hard and control mobs? Or CC/Support ?
3. and the most important in my opinion is to try to synergize your active skills with your passives to get the max out of them. I plan on using this build which is mainly based on crit, as i plan having a lot of it, i didnt get sharpshooter as i felt i would have enough and i could benefit more from the night stalker passive. Good AOE, Good CC, good support with the sentry+guardian turret and mark of death), but i dont have vault, mainly because i plan on playing with others ( aka more help if needed ).

Note how i try to get lot of discipline regen with Night stalker + Suppression Fire on my multishot, that way i can spam the sentry(as there doesn't seem to be a cooldown) and support my group a LOT with either health regen or damage reduction.

Also with the caltrop im getting more +10%Crit, Hungering arrow does more dmg when it crits and impale as well. The more i crit, the more disc i get. Etc etc etc


Hope it helps!
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Yea it definitely helps. You are right about the companion, I just gotta have one. Always been a fan of having pets in a game like this. But yea, I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind. Your comments about the synergy between active and passive spells were particularly helpful. I wasn't really thinking about that, but I should have been. I will probably figure most of it out once I can actually start playing the game instead of just messing with the skill calculator.

Thanks for the input!
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