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Grenade based build. The main combo is to throw a few sticky bombs out, smoke screen and then use bombardment to focus the tagged monsters down for a big chain reaction of explosions. This build has lots of AoE potential, single tough targets may be trickier to handle. Cluster Arrow is in there if an emergency stun is needed, not meant to be a main source of damage. I would appreciate any suggestions on this build.

Grenades w/ Gas Clouds
Rapid Fire w/ Bombardment
Spike Trap w/ Sticky Bomb
Cluster Arrow w/ Stun
Caltrops w/ DoT
Smoke Screen w/ Hatred Regen


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im thinking of trying out this
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It's not a bad build for AoE, but like you said single target is going to be tough. Rapid Fire w/ Bombardment will still do decent damage, but grenades are a crappy generator against a single target. That's fine though since you obviously didn't make it for single target. One thought though is to switch out Vengeance for Tactical Advantage. Vengeance will be decent for restoring some resources with health globes, but it isn't going to make or break a fight. Since your only escape is Smoke Screen, I think Tactical Advantage could really save you in some of those "oh !@#$" situations. Since you can only pull off one - maybe 2 if you are full on discipline - Smoke Screen in a short amount of time, TA will give you some good separation. That'll give you a pretty good combo of caltrops, quick run out with SS+TA, turn and use Cluster Arrow to stun your pursuers. It would also give you better separation to turn and use Rapid Fire since you have to stand in place.
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Posts: 284

im thinking of trying out this

There are a couple weak points in this build. First, your ballistics passive only increases the damage of your spitfire turret by 4%, not much of a benefit for an entire passive slot. Second, your only hatred spender is Bombardment which requires you to remain stationary. Lastly, you may be starved for discipline since you will need to rely on those abilities a lot to allow you to channel Bombardment long enough to do some damage.

On a positive note, I like your primaries, I will be using those two as well.

As for my original build, I may try steady aim or cull the weak instead of vengeance so I can focus down my stickied targets faster. Anyone have thoughts on which would be better in this build?

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