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Mobs and Hit-Stun

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Hey everyone, I'm not in the beta, but I was wondering about something I've seen a couple of the videos I've watched of people who are..

Sometimes when mobs are hit, they go into what I can only think of calling hit-stun. The little animation of them 'getting hurt' if you will, and during they do not attack. I'm wondering how effective it might be to use this to avoid taking damage.

The barbarian and the monk both seem to have a few abilities that hit enemies all around them. My thinking was, that even if you're surrounded by mobs, as long as you're spamming these 360 degree dmg abilities, the monsters will be in a constant state of 'taking damage stun' and won't actually be able to hit you.

Does this happen reliably enough? Or is it just a chance on hit? I've seen quite a few posts about survivability in Inferno; about damage reduction stats, diminishing returns, and healing, but nothing on this.

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Obviously it's better to hit than be hit, but we cannot really judge anything at all from the beta, as far as extrapolating to the rest of the game. Beta content is only up to about level 8, in terms of monster level, with a player cap of level 13. Creatures attack so slowly in the beta(for the most part) that you can 1 shot them before they even hit you. I do NOT expect that to be true later on, even in normal, let alone Nightmare and beyond.

Still, some attacks do have a percent chance to stun, and stun locking has been shown to be feasible even on the miniboss Skeleton King.

But, all of the stun abilities have a cooldown and/or do NOT hit in a 360 degree arc. Then the question of stun resistance on monsters, as well as realizing that none of the stun abilities have a 100% chance to stun even with runes.

TL,DR: Too early to say, but expect to get hit regardless.
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The colloquial name for what you described is "Flinch" or "Flinching". It's used in many games as a mechanic.

I believe that the flinching monsters are a product of the AI, which is programmed specifically to not be super efficient (see Blizzcon 2010 D3 art panel). Flinching is another way for them to remain vulnerable without constantly standing around. I believe that in harder difficulties enemies will flinch much less.

It's also worth noting that players in PvP Do/Did not flinch unless hit with a stun or knockback.
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This mechanic was in diablo 2, I don't know exactly how it works in this game, but in D2 the "hit recovery" animation resulted whenever a monster or player took over 10% (i think, some specific ammount) of his HP in a single blow. There were also item mods to reduce the duration of this animation, "% faster hit recovery", found on armor and stuff. I hope it works similarly in this game.
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