Came up with this earlier this morning, let me know what you guys think:!Zbc!aZZaZa

The purpose of this build is to ultimately keep you alive. It is HC after all... :P

With that being said, I've tried to make this build so you will keep the enemy as far away from you as possible without getting hit(especially since in later difficulties you will definitely run into enemies that can sometimes 1shot you) while lvling up. This build has good crowd control as well.

Mouse skills:
1. Primary skill: Entangling shot/chain gang rune
Keep up to 4 enemies at bay by slowing them for 60% for 2secs.
2. Secondary skill: Elemental Arrow/frost arrow rune
Additional movement speed slowed by 60% for 1sec and multiple targets.
Action Bar skills:
3. Caltrops/torturous ground rune
Immobilization for 2secs followed by the remaining 4secs of 60% slowed movement.
4. Vault/action shot rune
Can by used as an "OH $*@#!" button or just used to kite easier while doing 75%weap damage to nearby targets.
5. Spike trap/sticky trap rune
Bomb sticks to enemy rather than on the ground, dealing 404%weap damage to enemies within 8yards.
6. Multishot/fire at will rune
Another good aoe. 115%damage reduced hatred to 10hatred. Brings back nostalgia of the amazon in D2 doesn't it?
Passive skills:
7. Thrill of the hunt
Every 10secs your shot will immobilize target for 3secs.
8. Vengence
Max hatred increased by 25. Additionally you gain 20hatred and 2discipline for every health globe.
9. Cull the Weak
Damage against slowed enemies increased by 15%.

Lay Caltrops/TorturousGroundRune. This will immobilize the targets for 2secs, giving you the time you need to not to get hurt when laying SpikeTrap/StickyTrapRune to an enemy. Vault/ActionShot away. Use Entangling Shot/Elemental Arrow/Multishot as necessary and repeat rotation when needed.

Other Notes:
This build should be great for lvling especially against enemies with more life that you need to kite. Great for AoE damage as well. Most of the time your enemies will be slowed giving you the 15%dam increase from your passive ability. To me, all of this works on paper, but I guess we'll have to see how it pans out once the game is released. I don't have the beta, so any suggestions/ideas from the people who do would be appreciated!