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The Shadow Hunter Build

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This build is very experimental, so humor me.

The basic premise of The Shadow Hunter Build is centered around Smoke Screen.

Basically, you want to be able to "vanish" to drop aggro and dps mobs down from range while vanished (will not break smoke screen and mobs will not chase you even while they are being attacked).

I know it sounds unorthodox, but part of the reason why I like Diablo games is specifically because unorthodox builds actually can work, even if they are not optimal. The game is about Viable builds, not always optimal ones.

Everything else you pick in this build is to fuel discipline so you can Smoke Screen-THEORETICALLY- on every grouped mob pull:

Start with a chain ganged Entangling shot to snare mobs that are running to you -> Smokescreen when u have aggro -> spam Multishot with suppression fire rune to build discipline back during 3 seconds of smoke screen (runed for reduced cost) -> evasive fire to back flip 30 yards (runed) -> Smoke screen again -> repeat until dead -> Use preparation when almost depleted for disc for 45 disc regen over 15 seconds (you don't want the disc restore instantly because you have high disc regen with this build and you always want to those regen ticks coming in!)

Rapid fire on single target elite monsters, runed for 80 slow (since no caltrops).

Passives include everything to help with discipline management:
Perfection brings Smoke screen cost to 17 disc and evasive fire backflip to 3 disc (rounded)
Nightstalker to give 2 disc on certain crits (with multishot hitting multipe mobs and rapid fire's high crit proc rate this should be invalualbe for disc regen)
Archery with dual pistols for 10% crit chance.

Very weird build I know, but there is something about the vanish->unload dps style that appeals to me.

Thoughts? am I crazy? Let me know what you think!
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It's not totally crazy, in fact I'm interested to see how well it would work. I can't say I could pick a better setup if I wanted to try it, so kudos o.o
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