Diablo® III

Please rate my build!


- Multishot with Suppression Fire for decent AoE and Discipline generation.
- Rain of Vengeance with any rune(not sure at the moment) for on-queue damage.
- Smoke Screen with Lingering Fog for anti-taunt(while I'm invisible, all monsters will automatically attack my templar)
- Wolf Companion for damage and additional tanking(assuming)
- Evasive Fire with Shrapnel for good Hatred generation, mediocre damage, and backflip.
- Strafe with Rocket Storm for general-purpose damage dealing and decent mobility.

- Night Stalker for additional Discipline generation.
- Archery with Hand Crossbows for 10% crit chance, works well with Night Stalker.
- Tactical Advantage for quick running away or repositioning after using defensive skills like Smoke Screen or Evasive Fire backflip.

The only two things I see may be lacking are slowing and single target DPS.
As for slowing, I feel that with Smoke Screen, Evasive Fire backflip, Tactical Advantage(which will probably trigger quite often), tanking from Templar and wolf, all the defensive abilities from Templar, and potion, I probably should be fine without slow.
As for single target DPS, I think I should be fine with Rain of Vengeance and wolf focusing on the same target. But if I know beforehand that I'll need very strong single target DPS, I'm considering switching Strafe to Rapid Fire for that specific encounter.

Feedbacks would be great, thank you!
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Alright, its a pretty solid AoE build. But only handy if your playing with people. I believe everyone will have party members more times than not, but here are the changes I would make.

The changes I made I think would fix some of your problems. Without changing much of your original build, lets call them ammendments which I think will benefit you.

First thing is obvious, You now have a single target dps in impale- the rune i choose will benefit from crit. For this I switched in sharpshooter which will give you +3%/sec to crit. Also this will help out your other passive which recieves +2 dis for every crit hit. Also I changed out the rune in evasive fire to displace, becasue it will allow you to basically vault 30 yards which could come in handy. Plus you wont need the AoE dmg you get from your rune becsaue you have Multi, but im not a fan of your rune choice. I like broad side, but thats me. Other than that Id leave your buiild alone and let you figure out your own mistakes in or pros in your build after the release.
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