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What's the point of a character name in D3?

In Diablo 3 Beta, thank God I found a buddy that has it and allowed me to play, when you type/chat to the other people in game all they see is your account name. WTH?! I want people to see what I named my character, I could care less for them to see my stupid account name. The whole point of a character name is to display it to others how awesome of a name you came up with...what would the point of naming it be, seriously? When I see the name of a char named "MudButt" I lmao over stupid stuff like that, hence the point of a character name. For a hint of what I am talking about, look at D2's character chat.

Now that I've vented over that....
I don't really care for every single thing that I do to show up in the chat screen, ie. salvaging items, crafting parts, receiving a "Substense"....why the heck would I care to see all that? If I sold/bought it I already knew I sold/bought it so I don't need to read about it and mess up my chat with my friends that I had in the side screen and have to scroll up 10 times to see what they sent me.

Also, 4 people in one game is no Bueno!

Please change these things Blizzard...

What's everyone else's thoughts?
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They have allready said they are going to overhaul this battletag/name system before launch.
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4 players in one game isn't going to get changed, I would just learn to accept that now, otherwise, these are valid concerns that I have as well. Not really because I care to see some stupid name that someone thinks is clever, but currently there is absolutely no point in naming a hero. With the current system they might as well just call them (Account Name)'s Wizard or (Account Name)'s Barbarian. Imagine if an MMO did this... It's just lame.
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04/05/2012 08:26 AMPosted by D3BETA
They have allready said they are going to overhaul this battletag/name system before launch.

I do remember Bashiok mentioning it, let's hope they get it right.
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