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"Hatred and Discipline" by Micky Neilson

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11 (or 31 PDF) pages of fresh mea- I'm umm mean lore featuring the Demon Hunter class– the promised short story for the Expanded Universe since the Book of Cain interviews with Micky Neilson were put up few months ago. Plus this IMO would be the first proper story of new Diablo fiction aside what tidbits given though Abd al-Hazir, the sourcebook, and Sword of Justice comics since the Sin War trilogy concluded so many years ago.

I think we could expect roughly one short story for the remaining classes (Witch Doctor, Wizard, Monk, Barbarian), promoting Diablo III until May 15th arrives at last.

So whats your take Valla and her demon hunter (and the ending), eh?

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The story was surprisingly good and atmospheric, especially in the scenes detailing the children murdering their parents. It does loose points from me for not actually having the demon hunter kill the children when they attack her, though, even though that'd probably be a bit too dark for even Diablo. Still, "oh, I didn't kill them all, just administered heavy sedatives to them that totally wont cause them to suffocate or anything" kinda sat wrong with me. Don't set up a situation where the main character looks like she's gonna have to murder a buncha kids and then gimme a cop out: either murder the kids or don't include them in direct combat.

Overall, I quite enjoyed it and its ability to create a believably bleak, gothic world, though that may simply be that the Diablo setting is relatively "fresh" to me, having never really immersed myself in diablo lore like I have with Warcraft. It felt like far more of a horror story than an adventure, which is a nice change of pace.

If I could've asked for one thing? Maybe some explanation about how demon hunters can fire arrows rapid-fire. Even if it was just "we learned a minor magic spell that allows us to compress multiple bolts into the same physical space", that'd be nice. Also, I am just a mite confused: are we supposed to take away from this story that Valla is the playable/canonical demon hunter hero? I have been wondering how Blizzard would handle the different genders in DIII.
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i dont always read Diablo Lore, but when i do, it is amazing
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i dont always read Diablo Lore, but when i do, it is amazing
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That pic of the Demon Hunter is pretty sexy for some reason.
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