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Another Build to criticize

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I'm not good at builds, ever.

What I'm thinking:

-Entangling shot to snipe enemies and keep them at a distance as long as possible.
-Impale as a mid damage-er, with stun for a little, unreliable crowd control. Chakram looks better for damage:hatred, as well as being aoe...
-Caltrops for melee stopper. I thought about getting the +10% crit Rune, though, and using it more for buffing.
-Marked for death for faster single kills, and pseudo-aoe. I figure the bonus damage will drop the first enemy quick, then I can move on to another one jsut as quick, and with entangling, I can wipe out large waves. Contagion means I only have to cast once per wave.
-Vault for evasion and positioning, and the stun for panic against melee. Since i have the stun here, I can prolly change caltops.
-Cluster arrow for high damage aoe, and life return. A good archer probably doesn't need life steal, but I'm not good. xD

As for passives:
-Steady Aim for snipe initiating, and dealing better with ranged enemies. The deactivation range is smaller than caltrops, which looked pretty small.
-Cull the weak seems to work well with entangling being on everything, combined with caltrops now and then. Slow + sniping +MfD then gives me 37% more damage, total.
-Custom engineering benefits 2 of my skills. Against bosses, I'll have plenty of time to recover Discipline at 60 seconds between casts for Marked, and will likely need a lot to fuel Vault.

Now, I wasn't in Beta, and don't know how a lot of things work. My first concern is how much Hatred and Discipline we have, and their regen rate.

Second is if Slow effects stack in any way, or if they even work on bosses. A slowing build would kinda suck against something immune to slow and stun.
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The problem with Entangling shot is that the snare just doesnt last long enough, and the damage is pitiful. It also only affects 2 targets baseline, and most mob groups (esp in later difficulties) will likely be more than that, if its anything like D2. So you either rune it for extra targets, or increase the slow time and keep spamming it to maintain the slow. This really makes your damage plummet imo. Entangling shot just needs a straight up buff. Hungering Arrow and Bola shot trump it in every way.

With 3 discipline using abilities, you will find yourself VERY discipline starved, esp with no passives/skills to regenerate them. Here's a modified version of your build (assuming you want to keep MfD, I find having to cast it AND throwing caltrops really annoying):

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No offense intended but I've been studying the H E double hockey sticks out of this game since I missed out on beta. I find that marked target is only going to be good late game or in instances of champions and bosses. I'd personally loose that. Entangling shot is garbage. Sorry. Long story short his a a pretty dang good one. If you can kite (easiest thing in the world) here the the build to go with.


You got two hatred builders. with a great defensive skill (smoke screen) to regenerate your hatred and get you out of a pickle. With fan of knives as AoE and rapid fire as aoe or single target, and a very solid single target attack with impale. Also evasive fire also gets you out of a pickle. Let me know what you think
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Like I said, I am bad at builds.

Hungering arrow just doesn't appeal to me. Yeah I have bad aim in D1, and worse in D2 (heck I'm bad all around at D2 getting as far as Lut Goleihn and getting stuck...) but I thought hungering arrow's arrow travels slowly. With no other hate builder, and only 3 per hit, all it gives me is damage, and no field control. It's really hard to visualise a build when I have no experience with the game.

Like: how often can I fire skills? As fast as my weapon speed? 1/second? With dual xbows, my damage is less than the bow, but my firing speed is up, letting me cast and keep enemies slow. I don't know how much disc I'm working with, either, so I don't know how much I'll be able to rely on disc skills.

I thought about taking grenades, but they seem difficult to place. If I can learn to use them, and here's something else I don't know: Do grenades generate Hate per cast, or per hit? Per hit means I can get 18 Hate against a wave of enemies, which seems a bit OP. With the grenade passive that could be 24 hatred, plus lowered cost of cluster.

I might end up taking Tumble Vault, to save on discipline. It might be better, as mine is only good for melee, while more casts on Vault let me dodge ranged attacks, too. Again I don't know how much I can rely on it . :S

Jagged spikes dealing 45% weapon damage sounds like a 1 hit thing. With the stun, and an aoe I can probably deal more than that and be a little safer. Unless the slowing effect is replaced by stun; then I would definately drop stunning caltrops.

Both of our Marked's rely on us hitting the same enemy. Once I kill my main target it'll be easier to deal with the rest. I wonder if Mortal enemy would be better, so I can spam Hate spenders much easier.

Your multi shot looks really reliable, actually. I don't know how many grenades Cluster drops, and with maelstrom it sounds like i only get 1 explosion of 145% with 4% life steal, which now sounds like it sucks. I might be better off with stunning grenades, or multishot, now that I think about it.


No offense taken. I asked for criticism.

Overall, your build looks really close ranged dependant. I'm sure Diablo will want to keep swamping me at close ranged to punish my DH choice, so I can see benefits, but at long ranged battles, that means I'll want to get closer, which I don't want to do.

As above, it just sounds like hungering's pierce is unreliable, so adding damage seems moot. The question is, do I get Hatred per hit or per cast? If per hit, this essentially means Hungering can give me 4 Hatred, on average: 3 per cast with 1 in 3 (roughly) to get another 3. If it were per hit I might be better off with the 3 way split, which don't sound like they are enemy seeking, but would be amazing against groups (yet there's still that low piercing rate).

Fan of Knives has high, multi target damage, but 10 seconds cooldown, and waiting for enemies to get close seems troublesome.

Your impale has higher damage, while mine has field control. Bleeding seems like it'll work on anything, except machinery, so your rune isn't easily wasted. I just like the idea of keeping enemies away from me with the stun and push chance.

I really wanted to stay away from elemental damage attacks, since enemies can have high resistances to them, making that rune worth less. However, there will probably be enemies immune to stunning, making some of my runes worthless as well. Hopefully stun immunity is only bosses. As for Rapid fire, I don't know how easily it would sap my Hatred: is it 10 hate per second? per attack? Does it turn off when I use a different skill or normal attacks? Also as grenades, I don't know how far away those can be sent, while arrows travel all the way across.

I can see how your vengeance passive plays into your close ranged build. Enemies dying near you means you have health and resource to stock up on as you kill things further off, or can spam hte spenders easier against a close ranged wave.

I don't know what to say about the weapon stat passive. The big question for what weapon is whether DH gets skill damage from whatever 1h xbow she is using or from both. If it's one, then bows have better dps perhaps, and this passive only augments that damage dramatically. I don't like relying on critical, which is why if I end up using double xbows, this and the next passive are unattractive.

Overall, your build seems to make DH rely on only raw damage, whereas I want some field control, trapping enemies in caltrops, vaulting away and using both my damage passives to shred them apart, or work on something that's coming at me instead, leaving the trapped enemies out of mind for a few moments.
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Dreaming, you're build isn't that good, I'm sorry. You don't need two hatred builders at all. Especially with smoke screen building hate as well.

evasive fire, in my opinion, is vastly inferior to vault, and Fan of Knives is just lack luster, especially with the CD and cost.

Hmm that was my only concern as with having two hatred generators this is my build with only one. But still mainly going to be a Damage build. The demon hunter is like the amazon pretty much of D2. Unless you were a javazon you stayed away from mobs. The reason I have fan of knives in there with the combo of Evasive fire. Is if mobs get close, pop Fan o knives for 320% weapon damage. Hope you fingers are fast enough to hit evasive fire afterwards, (if you have ever played video games or even know what the buttons on a keyboard feel like you can) and it backs you out 30 yards out of danger while still doing damage and regeneration hatred for more damage. Anyways here is the other build basically just swapped 2 skills for more massive damage.

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Go with Elemental Arrow w/ Screaming Skull instead of Impale. It pierces multiple targets, does decent damage, and has a chance to fear which may help keep enemies outside of your 10 yard Steady Aim radius.

Also, I would recommend Entangling Shot w/ Chain Lightning to boost its damage up to 111%, making it slow AND deal better damage.
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@Dreaming. I don't see the point in having both Rapid Fire and Impale in a build. They're just too similar to warrant putting them together. Rapid Fire is also a very !@#$ty slow with that rune because it only lasts a second and you have to channel in order to use it which makes the whole kiting idea kind of a moot point. I'm also not sure why you included ballistics in that build since Cluster Arrow is your only rocket spell and it costs 50 hatred. Having 4 hatred spenders, I don't see you using Cluster Arrow all that often so it's not worth it to me. Sharpshooter is also kind of a wasted passive. If you aren't going for a build that relies on crit, Archery is going to give you more damage. Additionally, evasive fire does crappy damage. It's only real use is an escape that doesn't cost you much at all. You'd be better off dropping Rapid Fire (for reasons I stated before) and replacing it with Hungering Arrow. That way Evasive Fire is simply a very cheap escape spell and Hungering Arrow is what you would use as a damage dealer hatred builder. Personally I would go for vault because it's more expensive but has greater utility, but I can see why someone would want Evasive Fire if they're cautious about using too much discipline. Another concern is that this build lacks major AoE spells. Cluster Arrow can essentially hit 4 targets for a decent amount of damage, but at an insanely high cost. If you're facing a group any larger, you won't hit them all the first shot and you won't get off many shots before you're out of hatred. I think it's still workable in most situations, but maybe multi-shot would be a better pure AoE.
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You shouldn't think you're bad just because you want life steal. In Inferno it's all about surviving and I guarantee there will be some forms of AoE from bosses/champion packs that is nearly unavoidable. Life steal =/= bad player.
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entangling shot is actually really good, don't get why people think otherwise, chain gang hits 4 targets, all for 75% weapon damage, and slows them all by 60% for 2 seconds, that's pretty huge for kiting groups, and it negates the needs for having something like caltrops, which uses your precious discipline... learn to love it
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