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Rough draft, small portion of a fanfic.

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This is a rough draft, a small portion of the backstory for my character and my friends character we will be playing on. I make references to his skill build, the characters names and classes. My class is Barbarian, theirs is Demon Hunter..Enjoy

..Zepthulu was backed up to the dirt wall, a large demon, what seemed to be upwards of 7 feet tall towered over her. It slowly walked toward her, weapon in hand, her town was up in flames, as far as she knew everyone was dead. She though to herself "Is this it? Is this how it ends?", the demons weapon swung down at her and..

An axe flew out from the woods behind her, knocking away the demons weapon. The demons weapon shattered and many splinters of it flew into a group of demons to the left, killing them. The axe that was thrown cut through the demon, and two more demons behind it before imbedding itself into the ground.

There was a loud roar coming from the forest, the demons cowered in fear. Zepthulu put her ear to the dirt wall and could hear someone, or something big running toward her location. Suddenly a large figure leaped over her landing five feet infront of her, "He must be at least 13 feet tall!" she thought. He holding a large axe, the axe was easily bigger then her entire body.

After a moment she realized something though..How was he so tall? And what was wrong with him..On closer inspection she could see his eyesockets were on fire, his skin seemed to be rock with molten lava seeping through it. The trail of blood left by her crawling seemed to flow to him, as did the demons blood-

Suddenly the ground erupt as spurts of rock, lava, and fire engulfed the demons. The berserker ran in to a group of demons with his axe in hand, also picking up the axe he threw as he ran, placing the handle in what seemed to be a boot.

A group of demonic archers appeared on the roof of a burning building, Zepthulu recognized this to be the inn, she counted six archers. They all shot at once, four at the berserker..two at Zepthulu. With lightning fast reflexes the berserker threw his small axe at the two arrows headed for Zepthulu, breaking them in half. The half with the arrow head on it landed at Zepthulus feet, the other four arrows hit the berserker directly. One in the right arm, one in left shoulder, one in his stomach, and one on his right leg.. He didn't even flinch.

A group of demons sorrounded the berserker, at least thirty. He seemed to just stand there and let them sorround him, three got impatient and charged in from the front together, in one large sweep of his axe they all were torn in half, their blood seemed to heal his wounds, which he didn't even notice.

Ten more charge at him from all sides, after the first one hit (he seems to not notice this one hit him either) him he counterattacked, also leading into attacking all the others. In one seemed like one fluid motion to Zepthulu ten demons were lying dead at the unknown berserkers feet. The berserker laughed, it sounded very deep, and almost creaking as if his body was almost crushing in on its own weight.
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The rest of the demons (17 left now) seemed freightend, but still charged in blindly. As they charged at the berserker he began swinging his axe in circles, building momentum until he wasn't even swinging it anymore, it was just swinging on its own from gravity. As the first demon arrived at his feet it was beheaded in an instant, the head flying landing right on Zepthulus lap.

The rest was a gorefest, all Zepthulu could see was the berserker towering over all the demons, swirling faster then she could comprehend. The demons body parts flying all over her town ruins. After it was all over and it seemed all the demons were dead, the berserker seemed to slump down, becoming a man, still tall (8 feet at least). He sat there recovering, the berserkers skin seemed unnaturally pale, far to pale. The arrows jutting from his body he slowly pulled out, unflinching.

Zepthulu tried to get up to thank him, her right left hurting from the injuries, as well as other various parts of her body that were scratched and bruised. She saw something crawling out of the corner of her eye as she got up though. There was a small demon, about four feet long and a foot tall, crawling toward the berserker. This demon had many sharp teeth to make up for its lack of weapons- No, the teeth were its weapons.

Zepthulu tried to call out to the berserker but choked on her blood, she looked around for something to distract the demon with. She saw the two broken arrows and grabbed them, running at the demon (well, more like limping quickly) that was now feet behind the berserker.

As the demon opened its maw of a mouth to take a large bite out of the berserker, it found its eyesockets to now be filled with sharp arrows. It let out an earshattering cry, the berserker quickly turned around and looked at the situation quickly. Zepthulu was sitting on the demons back, covering her ears from the loud cry. It was obvious she had killed the thing. (End for now, below is just what will happen next)

The berserker, or barbarian as Zepthulu now knows him thanked her etc. etc. more details later. Remember this is just a rough draft of one small portion of the backstory. 13 paragraphs so far.
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