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Nightmare build challenge

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Time for a new challenge. We've had our fun with the skill calculator creating whatever build we want for level 60. In reality, we will have to finish Normal and get through Nightmare before we can travel to Hell and reach our dream builds.

What's your best build when the required level is no more than 30, your expected level at the end of Normal. As usual, quote and critique. More importantly, see what you can come up with, it's not that easy.

I'll start. I don't know if ZD-Life Link is affected by Jungle Fortitude, but I'm running with it. (Bad dog pun intended.) I chose Life Link only because the infectious bite seems like a waste. The poison dot will just refresh each dog attack and I'm not looking for health globes. This is the kind of decision making that occurs at 30.


This is a summoner build leading off with Haunt , Locust Swarm, spam Corpse Spiders. Adjust DoTs and spiders as necessary. Wall of Zombies and pets as defense. I could have swapped WoZ for Soul Harvest or something more front-line but this is intended as a stay away as much as possible with slap-together gear build. Comments/critiques welcome

What kind of Nightmare builds are you guys going to run?
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Summoner build, actually pretty darn close to the final build I was gonna use anyway(few minor rune variations).
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Interesting exercise.

I'd take the starting point of working out which available passives seemed most powerful and trying to take advantage of that. The lvl 30 ones that most interest me are:
- Fetish Sycophants - requires a build based around frequent casting of physical realm spells.
- Pierce the Veil - powerful damage boost if you can mitigate the increased mana cost (for example by using summons and cool downs.)
- Gruesome Feast - potential for running around with a big intelligence boost. Probably means you want Soul Harvest in your build. Might sometimes mean putting yourself in harm's way to keep stacks up.
Powerful but not quite as interesting passives are:
- Jungle Fortitude, Bad Medicine - survivability.
- Zombie Handler - 30% more Zombie Dogs + more health for dogs/garg.
- Spiritual Attunement - nice mana boost
Probably not worth it:
- Blood Ritual.
- Circle of Life.
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Summoner build, actually pretty darn close to the final build I was gonna use anyway(few minor rune variations).

I like it. I think it's probably more dps than my build (above). At level 30, we'll have 30x10 + base (which I forgot the exact amount), that seems like either a firebats or Locust. Still, it works. I like the spamming corpse spiders + sycophants. I might have to tweak some of my other builds to integrate that. My only critique is that your dogs and/or Locust swarm will be only one to proc Bad Medicine. I wonder if there is a better passive to ride until you can re-rune back to it.
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I like Fetish Sycophants

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I went with sconnell's post and tried a Fetish Sycophant, PtV, and Gruesome Feast. I ended up with a health globe hunting/sacrifice build, not because I wanted to, but that's the where passive sent me.


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I'm thinking of this

To use wall of zombies as a safety barrier when I want to try to build up a 5 stack of Soul Harvest and regain HP. Following that I could dump an AoE Slow and Acid Cloud to get away/kite while spamming Leaping Spiders.

If I get jumped, Spirit Walk out of there and reposition with some extra mana back for more AoE nukes.

Passives allow for greater damage reduction against melee and ranged. Also allows shorter cool downs on SH and SW with the emergency "cheat death" function.
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Here's my poisonous summoner build.


Pet buffs and passives that reward poisoning enemies. Hang back and slow enemies with poison dart which reduces their attack by 20%, jungle fortitude and zombie handler keep pets alive even longer. Charger is in there just for fun although he does have a poison effect too to debuff enemies.
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Summoner's build, although I admit I have no idea how the Spider Queen will perform, it just seems to go more with the theme of summons and mass chaos ;)


Passives all in aid of greater pet resilience (Not sure if Rabid Dogs will be affected by Bad Medicine, bonus if it does)
Build is pretty much unlockable in the early 20s depending on runes for some abilities
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Here's my attempt:


Basic play style is:
- try to be casting either Corpse Spiders or Firebats most of the time for Fetish Sycophants procs. Both are decent in single or multiple target situations
- try to keep Soul Harvest up, along with multiple stacks of Gruesome Feast
- Grasp of the Dead gives you some control over enemies
- use Locust Swarm a couple of times on big groups of enemies when you first engage them
- Spirit Walk is there as an emergency button but also for increased movement. I'm expecting that while leveling there will be quite a bit of just getting from A to B to turn in/pick up quests, sometimes in town, and Spirit Walk can speed that up, saving time
- Pierce the Veil should be replaced by Spiritual Attunement if I'm running out of mana too much. I'm guessing that there will be a lot of moving between packs, waiting for events, turning in quests and stuff while leveling and I can regen mana during all of that.

Since Grasp/Firebats provides some aoe, Locust Swarm should possibly be swapped out for something else. Wall of Zombies would provide another defensive cooldown that can also be used aggressively.
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