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I wanted to start by saying ive been playing D2 for a long time. Since i was about 14,im 22 now. When i first started i loved the magic of it all. It was scary,and intense. As i grew up i started to learn more about the game. I got on b net for the first time around 2004, i met some of my best friends growing up in the diablo universe.

As my gaming progressed my real life progressed. I got a job and started making decent money. At the end of the month i was able to have some spending money left over. I had an awesome idea at the time to start buying items. For some reason i thought it would be cool to have all the best gear.

About a month after i bought my first item i really started to lose interest in the game. I felt like i had cheated,and that i had nothing left to work for. The reason im posting this is because when i started buying items,it took away something. Something that i really enjoyed was now gone. Finding that amazing item wasnt so amazing anymore. Its been about a year or so since i last got on to diablo. I started back over in SP and was amazed to find that the fun had come back. I wasnt going to buy items anymore, i was going to earn them. Since than ive been having so much fun if not more that when i was a kid.

When you buy items it takes away the fun of finding those amazing items. Im not telling anyone not to buy them. Im just saying its not as fun after you do. Take it from someone who did it. It ruined the game for me for a long time.
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All this post needs is an awesome DEmotivational poster. +1
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Came expectIng to be warned. Left realizing I agreed. +1
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I concur, I love the loot hunt, buying gear just takes that fun away.
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Agreed, I did it at one point as well. I'll be playing the game for the item hunt, I don't need GAH or RMAH, so I'll be one of the players ignoring BOTH of them! Some people wanna make a little cash, they have the option, others wanna buy the power, they have the option. Me? I wanna do it myself :)
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Keep in mind, when you give your money away for an item, you're never goign to get that money back years from now.

Finding items is far more rewarding. And if you insist on buying an item just for a little fun right now, know that it will be temporary, as the next expansion of this game will outdate the items you've just spent money on.
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04/11/2012 03:40 PMPosted by Hyperactive
also playing a game when ur 14-16 is not the same as when ur 20+

Im not sure exactly what you mean. The point of the post was to say that i had so much fun when i was 14, i bought items and i couldnt have fun with it agian. Im 20 now, i dont buy items and i have even more fun than when i was 14.
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was also very young when i started playing diablo and i found that it was very creepy and dark and stuff
now i just look at it as another game aka fake aka not real in the sense that im not gonna wake up at night and find a butcher in my closet saying 'FRESH MEAT''.

not saying you woint have fun... i also have lots of fun on diablo 2 nowadays with FPK, playing iron man hc with friends, naked game clears etc. ITS JUST NOT THE SAME. i look at it diferentlyy

Well ya of course. As far as the scare factor goes its not the same. But the feeling is still the same. Like getting up to Diablo with no fire resistance and dying over and over until you figure out what needs to be done to beat him.
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The RMAH is something people can use if they really want too. I dont know why people are getting so worked up about te whole situation. I honestly dont plan on buying anything on the RMAH, as you said it does take the fun out when your buying all the best items and not finding them. Its just one of the features you can choose to ignore if you want to. I personally want to earn everthing, keeps the fun alive by working for everything and having a good reason to keep playing. Also it should be a long time before the best items are even being found. How i imagine it is the RMAH wont even be a useful tool for people that want to use it for a a few months or so.

People will just have to figure out how they want to play, and if they want to buy their gear off the RMAH to have fun, cheers to them.
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I'll be using the RMAH to sell stuff, but not to buy anything. :)
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I worked my !@# off to land this job and this salary.

Def. going to budget aside some "D3" money to spend on the AH each paycheck and I won't regret it one bit.

Great post though.
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I have been saying what the OP said for a while now.

Its not that I am against the RMAH, but giving players access to a system where they can spend something outside of the games boundaries, is basically cheating.

People can buy all they want, I personally will only use the GAH.

May sell occasionally on the RMAH, but I will not be putting a dime into this game, beyond the purchase price.

Buying your way to victory is NOT fun, and takes away from the MAIN POINT of Diablo, which is hunting for loot.

Agreed OP +1
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04/11/2012 03:55 PMPosted by Mercules
Def. going to budget aside some "D3" money to spend on the AH each paycheck and I won't regret it one bit.

Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I was just trying to let the people know who have never bought items before. It ruins the fun.
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Well maybe you felt you cheated because, you know, you did! (and so did I, and many others, but at least I made a grand total of around $200 after a few weeks of ebay trading so it balanced out in the end lol).

Ahh well there was that one time where I severely cheated myself and didn't properly read the ebay add... and received a Windforce.... for offline play in an email..... nice... at least it was cheap lol.

But not so with D3, buying and selling items for real world currency is part of the game and that's actually pretty cool. It will be really interesting to see how that plays out.

I personally love trading, so it won't feel like I diminish my game by buying and selling gear that I need/don't need and on top of that I won't have the nagging feeling that I might get banned for doing something I enjoy doing.
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You can sell items this time around, too. Imagine finding something that sells for 100$. Will you feel like you cheated at life at that point?
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cant wait to spend my 100$ i loaded to bnet
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