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The short Stories are EXCELLENT

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I think the thread name says it all. Keep up the good work writers...Any thoughts about the short stories?
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I want to know what happened to Delios, man.
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dude's deader'n a doorknob most likely. it would be interesting if he corrupted that master demon hunter, or if he isn't actually dead, and we fight one of them in an act.
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I really hope they continue to publish new short stories from time to time after the game launches. I've enjoyed most of the novels and stories written for the diablo setting and I'm looking forward to The Order when it comes out.
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I did not like the barbarian one, made the main character seem too weak...oops mountain blew up so now I will not even try to fight back although I could, I fought as a sellsword all these years, now that the mountain is gone I feel like I took an arrow to the knee.
...garbage that one, the rest so far were really good.
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I really like how each story's plotline is centered around the defining characteristics of the class. The DH had what was essentially a murder mystery, the barb was struggling against his lack of purpose following the destruction of the worldstone, and the monk was facing an internal conflict of duty versus justice.

The short stories really cement the personalities of each class for me, in a way that I did not expect in a hack'n'slash action rpg.
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Funny, the reactions to these stories. I found the DH's story to be well-written but I hated it. The protagonist was something of a cocky prodigy and I was hoping more for a humbling experience rather than a "haha, I really am a BA. Suck it, mentor dude." Yeah, there was inner conflict as to whether or not she could face her past but it was a foregone conclusion that she'd best the demon she was hunting.

I was drawn into the Barb's because he was conflicted in sense of purpose, rather than a lack of confidence in himself. He seemed like he knew he was invincible but he didn't have any drive to excel. Even when confronted with the matriarch of the goatmen, I got the impression that it was only his crushed spirit that held him back, not their numbers or power. Maybe I'm just a sucker for redemption stories but the Barb at the end was a noble protector again.

The recent monk story had a moral dilemma drive the narrative, which is fine, but I had a lot of trouble sympathizing with his crisis of conscience. Granted, he was indoctrinated to be utilitarian in his duties and the killing of the old man's son (which he could have prevented) turned me off on the character initially. By the end, I could tell that this particular monk (and presumably most of the others) weren't as cold and dogmatic as the Unyielding mentor, which is necessary if you want to have any humanity at all. I did get a "Jedi" vibe from the monk and that's ok in order to differentiate the Monk from the Paladain (who is more of a holy Crusader out to conquer in the name of God). I was hoping to see more "oomph" out of the monk though. He's not a bald hippy.
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