Diablo® III

Major Lag

I just got the beta client started playing the game and there's quite a bit of lag. Every 1-2 mins or so there's a 2-3 second delay. It's very frustrating, it's kind of ruining the game experience.

I have a good internet at home, ADSL 2 running from a ethernet cable. I also have the top of the range iMac. Other people having issues?

How do I check my ping in game?
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Given that 275,000 other people got invites as well, the lag was expected. This is beta after all.

Look for the 3-bar vertical thingy between the computer monitor icon and the resource orb on the right - mouseover for ping.
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i'm from Brisbane and i'm getting quite noticable lag. my ping is around 220-280 and when i press ctrl r the fps is around 8-12 (i have no idea what fps though and what this means in terms of gameplay). What i have noticed is that i always seem to move in slow motion and my walk and attacks seem to be about 1/3 the speed of those i've seen in north american playthroughs. monsters seem to be unaffected by the lag which makes chasing after and running away from monsters highly diificult.

When i try to kill the monsters immeditely before entering new tristram i find i can only kill 2 or 3 of them before they killed by the town guards. i'm also finding a 1-2 sec delay between when i click on a target to attack and when my character officially attakcs. Also i'm finding monsters are in one second on the edge of the screen and 2 seconds later have already surrounded me and I am being hit even though i never saw them approach. It's especially a problem with the nightmarish uniques that send you fleeing when they hit. i move so slow do to the lag that i have often died from full health before the nightmare effect ran off.

I also tired a few coop games and found i was being left behind by those in NA who could walk and attack faster than me.

Anyway these are some personal anecdotes of my beta experiences since getting an invite yesterday. I completely understand it's the beta and the purpose of these stress tests is to find and fix all these issues. However, I am still a little concerned if this lag ends up being common for those in AUS/NZ once the game is released next month.
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What connection are you running Marty ?
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i'm trying to play on my laptop (brand new). I have a telestra ADSL broadband with a Netgear 24-G router. I have excellent signal strength with speeds around 65MBps. I have had no problems with my internet connection to date and have been able to stream tv shows online and play games such as diablo 2 starcraft 2 and the total war series online with no problems.
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Maybe the beta client doesnt like your lappy?? The fact you're getting only 8-12 fps makes it look that way... Updated your gfx drivers etc?

Wish I had a key to try!! I'm in bris on a reasonable adsl2+ connection too.
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Its Beta...

Im getting 299 ping. I can outrun the CE dudes but the Arrows would be a P.I.T.A. on a higher difficulty..

Its too easy atm but I hope we get a better ping come release day....
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Its Beta...
Friggen lag
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Have you disabled the p2p option in the beta launcher? I had to do that to get decent latency. Just asking to make sure.

I'm getting 200-300 latency. And am surprised it's that good.
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04/14/2012 01:41 AMPosted by aussimarty
when i press ctrl r the fps is around 8-12 (i have no idea what fps though and what this means in terms of gameplay).

fps = frames per sec

The frame is a picture, lots of pictures very quickly tend to make the mind get lazy and blur them together, and making it appear to move. The more fps, the smoother the movement
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Auckland, New Zealand here. Orcon ADSL2+ connection. Never noticed any lag while playing. 120+fps at all times.
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Its Beta...

Im getting 299 ping. I can outrun the CE dudes but the Arrows would be a P.I.T.A. on a higher difficulty..

Its too easy atm but I hope we get a better ping come release day....

it's less than a month to release, the game will be sent to the printer in the following week or 2 so...
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Not all servers are online yet. We'd probably be sent to a server that is best for the Americans and not us.

EDIT: always had bad latency from the west coast to Blizzard. Not much u can do other than a tunnel.

EDIT 2: Your download speed has nothing to do with latency. You can have less than 1mb/s connection and have well under 100ms or a 100mb/s and have over 1000ms
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Been having lag issues for a few months now. FPS around 45-50

Internet - Auckland, ADSL2 - Telecom. Right near the exchange so usually damn good pings.

Getting around 250-350ms. Unfortunately anything over 300 just rubber-bands which is ugly and not good when you escape a pack of mobs then all of a sudden your dead and back in the middle. Not sure how it will work for live, but been playing the beta for months. Nothing has changed in this aspect.

Just below the 200ms mark i think would be highly playable for this sort of game speed.
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Hey guys,

A few of my colleagues at work said this worked for them, as well as some guys in this post ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3657285447 )... apparently you have to disable "peer to peer." It's in the settings somewhere (don't have the client open at the moment).

found a solution that worked for me, i just opened a second diablo client while still running a first, opened up the launcher saying it was "updating". closed the first and turned off peer to peer transferring. problem solved, thanks for the help :)
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04/20/2012 05:57 PMPosted by Kog
not all servers are online, its beta, blah blah..your pings arent going to improve at release, get used to 200+

Yeah i love the excuse makers.

I wish i got 200ms, at least i could see if i've killed a mob before waiting a second and then watching him fall over :(
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