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A New Class Before Launch?

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its the key to the unicorn level! follow the rail of red herring links and eventually you get a crafting recipe to make a unicorn level portal!
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It could possibly be when the legendary and set item information is released. Most likely is a chance to get the missed sigils though.
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Well..it could possibly be...gee...I don't know the final unlock from the community thing...Except they would put it there as well because it is soo friggin' amazing...self promotion :D
And in case your wondering what I'm talking about..it's the 10th and final unlock from the promo site (self promotion :D) Which as far as my knowledge goes..will be the *oh* *so* *epic* *fight* *between* *tyrael* *and* *imperius* or whatever...*ohh* *ahh*...
I've lost so much hype for this game *sigh*
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As if anything like that could be kept a secret in this day and age...
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+1 for the Cow Banner
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They mentioned before that we would be able to do last minute stuff to get all the class sigils if we missed out on any. I would assume that the 6th slot on the splash page is the time frame to do that but that's just my guess.
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There will be five heroes in the game for you to play, come May 15. Those will be the five hero classes that you've seen, and played, and that we've been developing for years. There will not be a sixth, secret class sprung on you in the next month.

I promise.

Wow, These blues are getting nicer and nicer!
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04/16/2012 02:27 PMPosted by Kaivax
I promise.

Sign of 6th class.
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The muffin man class revealed!!!
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If there is a sixth character, It might come in later expansions.
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Well a cinematic it is
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its the end of beta maybe (1.5.2012)
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maybe the end of beta?
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I promise.

Sign of 6th class.

+1 brohan.
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I think it's more likely we'll see a 5th act implemented for this release.

Or they may announce an expansion already, and save the 5th act for that.
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From what i heard on youtube that theres a secret horse level based off ''My little pony''.
And maybe theres a is a 6th class like a druid, that's one thing they havent added
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Pretty sure it will be the launch trailer, like SC2
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Secret pony level.
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