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Templar’s Inspire Discrepancy

Why is their a discrepancy in regards to how much the Templar’s Inspire skill benefits the different classes? For example:

The discrepancy between Barbarians and Monks is obvious … +8% for Barbarians and +12% for Monks. Why?

The discrepancy between Wizards and Demon Hunters is even larger, but requires a bit more math. Wizards gain 0.5 AP / sec which is a 5% increase over their base AP regen of 10 / sec. Demon Hunters gain 1 Hatred / sec which is an increase of 25% over their base of 4 Hatred / sec. So 5% vs. 25%. Of course the net benefit from Inspire also depends on skills and gear. But still, why have it benefit one class more than another?

Why not just make the skill so that it increases resource generation by the same percentage for all classes, regardless of the mechanic that is used by each class?
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Long post: Short version is - different classes are different.

On the surface I agree with you. I hope someone has done some math though and it isn't as bad as it seems.

For example:

Barbarians/Monks/Demon Hunters have "generator" abilities they can use to gain their resources to fuel bigger attacks. Wizards don't have this, so 5% more arcane power is ~5% more damage capability.

On a demon hunter, 25% more passive hatred generation sounds nice, but if you're shooting off hatred generators now and then (you will be anyway) then you need to take their ACTIVE regeneration from those abilities into account. Suddenly that 1 hatred/second isn't so glamorous when compared to 6/sec from runed snare arrow (Don't remember name) and 4/sec passive. Now you're looking at closer to 10% bonus in hatred gen.

So if it is a 10% bonus to hatred gen overall, you need to look at the dps breakdown for hatred generators vs hatred consumers. If 40% of your damage comes from hatred generators, and 60% comes from hatred consumers, check out sample "pulled from my !@#" numbers below.

Assuming you do 100dps for easy numbers.

Dps without buff:
40dps from generators
60dps from spenders

Dps with buff:
37dps from generators (you're casting these less often now, because you have more hatred)
70dps from spenders (you cast these more often)

Those numbers are totally fictional, but the point is that different classes have different mechanics. For example adding a passive 25% melee damage buff to witch doctors won't be as crazy as adding a 25% buff to barbs.

This is all assuming that someone has spent the time to work the numbers out so they make sense. Honestly, I have a bit of faith in blizzard that at least they've gotten them fairly close. Maybe later on, we'll find that templar is mandatory for Monks for example, and $%^- for everyone else, but that is what patches are for.

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