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Monster melee attack range

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This game isn't about dodging ,avoiding or running away from Diablo and other mobs... you have to kill them!!

This discussion is weird IMO
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I was just now playing Dragon Age: Origins, and it features the exact same design. If a monster starts winding up for a hit and I run away, my character still gets hit. I never really considered it a big deal to be honest.
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Watch the monster from 0:16-0:22. Try to understand what's happening. Think about it. THE MONSTER IS TAKING TOO LONG TO INITIATE HIS ATTACK. The. Monster. Is. Standing. Still. When. The Player. Is. In. Melee Range.

This is fairly acceptable as a description of the problem, if one absolutely HAS to find a "problem" with the entire concept.

So lop off part of the attack animation where the monster stands still, or simply reduce the time before the monster attacks for the "first time."

However, none of these fixes work if the reason the monster was standing still is latency (as in, the player hadn't hit melee range server side yet). If that's the case, we're back to square one. Unless attack animations are sped up a bit - but that might not work as well in practice as it does on paper.
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they didn't agree with you...

u so smart

I love how you say that you disagree w/ me then you go on & agree w/ me later in your statment it's rather funny.
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Was it seriously need to break forum rules & do an all caps post just for this, I mean seriously.

EDIT: It's funny how changes it from all caps after he realizes that someone reported him for it lol.

ur a troll go away... like a hall monitor without a hall... just go away
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It's intentional. We don't want a game where the most effective way to play is to dodge in and out of enemy attacks. It's not that difficult to do, and it's just not a very fun way to play. "Most effective" and "not fun" just can't be in the same sentence when describing part of the game. We want combat to be based on use of abilities, putting thought into builds, building up offensive and defensive stats, etc. Skill is absolutely a part of all of the systems you'll use, and kiting can be too, but it'd be ridiculous if you could avoid all of the systems that make the game the game because you can time dodges of enemy attacks and negate every other factor.

Also think about just running past enemies to rush through an area and never being hit. Anyone looking to rush would love it! Which is why it's not a good idea from a design perspective. :) It's not something we'll be changing.

... I know I have no pull or power or say-so here but... come on how are they going to make this okay with HC players... being hit by slow zombies halfway across the screen on a caster in inferno? how many chars will have to die before something is done... i'm not worried about norm or nm but in hell and inferno we all no that one hit wonders are all it takes to see that your deeds of valor will be remembered
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I have had very few complaints with what I have seen about the game, thus far.

That being said, this needs to be reviewed... IMO the way it was in D2 was fine.
are you kidding me?
Compare an online game (Diablo 3) with an offline game (Torchlight)

This video was made by a troll noob...

i just saying
You want an online game that you can hit and dodge?

Tera online
Dragon Nest

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One thing that isn't mentioned in this thread is how some attacks interrupt enemies. I don't even mean special ones. Even just regular attacks can stop zombies from attacking.

So you don't just have to sit there tanking.
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So at one turn blizzard seems to be catering to casuals and then with something like this they seem to be leaving them alone in the dark. The average casual player is not going to understand the mechanics of this system and will wonder why when they run away they are still getting beaten on even though they are out of range. These people are not going to take the time to look it up online and will just end up frustrated by the whole experience. In essence the way this is being implemented to handicap an unwanted gaming practice by power gamers is going to adversely effect the casual gamers. Not that anyone on the forums care about casual gamers but some of the systems in this game are going to end up with me spending precious diablo playing time explaining to my dad and my fiances parents why certain things work they way they do because they are old and not very fast when it comes to video games but still enjoy playing them.

You're totally right! That's why all the casuals stopped playing WoW.. because they were befuddled by the strange mechanic that let monsters keep hitting them even though thy should be out of range...
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Wouldn't casuals be face tanking instead of kiting? :P
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What is the max number of posts before a thread is done?
Well, first, let me just say how glad I am to finaly get a Blue response on this. I have posted about it many times - so its nice to know it's not a bug.

Second, its amazing how much less I find it annoying, now that I know its intended. Bash's concept makes perfect sense, and I don't want a game where I should watch the attack animations of each monster and dodge them.

That said, the part I do find odd.. and (how best to describe it?) not verry intuitive, is that some monsters seem to act "as you would expect". In otherwords, if you "dodge" their attacks, they dont hit you. The big fat guys that explode are one example. You can easily dodge their attacks, but skelletons and zombies, you can't.

So, my problem is that the player doesn't really "know" which attacks to bother trying to dodge and which ones to just stay in for. This results in thinking "oh well, the animation started so I may as well eat it" when in fact you may be able to, or even be MEANT to get away from it (like the big guys exploding or the special monster effects like exploding ice orbs).

TL/DR: Some of this stuff is meant to be dodged, and others arent. Its not made clear which is which.
It's funny how no one bothers to quote the posts that aren't rage inducing.
99% of the posts in here, including mine, are semi-trollish posts, designed for an opposite reaction.

I'll quote this one instead, because it calmly adresses the issue from both points of view.
Try reading it. I'll double dare you.


Regarding the "Stop whining, don't buy it" comments in every thread. Are you kidding?
Developers uses feedback to address issues.
It's only really provided because people actually care about this game.
And you think that you are contributing with these one-liners? Get out of here.
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I love you for writing that out so well. I'm sort of afraid the people arguing about it won't take the time to read it, because it's a very thorough reiteration of what's been said a large number of times so far in this thread.It's refreshing to see someone well-spoken and patient still plugging away at these threads.

Thanks. :)
The challenge with these kinds of 'bugs' is that the symptoms don't really lead to the cause of the issue. It kinda shows when people start doing theorycrafting about why the system as a whole should never be used, or when people defend it wholeheartedly simply because it's 'word of god'.

THE MECHANIC:Once a hit trigger has been initiated, it will go through, regardless of range
THE PROBLEM:Players are receiving hits across the screen at high speeds
THE PERCEIVED EFFECT:Melee Monsters are able to hit players across the screen
THE SOLUTION:increase monster attack animation by about 10%Watch the video again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsuJXNeLm-4

I do hope people read your post so they can calm down and see what the actual issue is. Sometimes there's just too much drama in these threads...

It's funny how no one bothers to quote the posts that aren't rage inducing. 99% of the posts in here, including mine, are semi-trollish posts, designed for an opposite reaction.I'll quote this one instead, because it calmly adresses the issue from both points of view.Try reading it. I'll double dare you.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Regarding the "Stop whining, don't buy it" comments in every thread. Are you kidding?Developers uses feedback to address issues.It's only really provided because people actually care about this game.And you think that you are contributing with these one-liners? Get out of here.

That be true. I guess one reason is since they can't find anything wrong about it, they wouldn't bother talking about it. Sometimes it gets so bad that people start bashing at each other for minor spelling/grammar mistakes, then the occasional personal attack, and the whole discussion gets derailed.
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