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Monster melee attack range

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Here's a quick video showing that I do not take damage from attacks I ran from.

What this means: if you run 'across' a monster's hitbox, then it almost always lands. In this case, use a skill to interrupt it. If you're running directly 'away' from a slow-attacking monster, then it is quite easily dodge-able.

Edit: this is why I don't think it's a particularly large problem. Running 'across' the mobs as in Rush's video is generally poor positioning and if you are unwilling to use an ability or two to interrupt the swings you should be taking a little bit of damage. If you're actually running away from monsters then it's still very possible that you won't be soaking up all those hits from half a screen away and you will be fine.
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The problem I noticed in your video with the zombie (first link) is that it started to hit you while you were in its hit box, and the actual damage was done after you left. It isn't that it was hitting outside of its hit box, it's that you moved out really quickly and it couldn't finish its attack animation. The damage is done after the animation finishes, regardless of your position. This is done so you can't just dodge out of the way if you let a zombie get right up on you. Definitely intentional on Blizz's part, because otherwise players with quick reflexes could essentially dodge all enemy attacks.
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Please try that again with the same monster...only when he does his stomach spike attack. See if it's any different from his overhead arm strike. Or try it with the slow zomibies.

I can re-do it, but just to get clarify, replicate the stomach spike attack he did 3 times at the start of the video I posted?

Just from messing around a bit, I can say that the stomach spike attack is harder to avoid. I don't think the overhead arm strike ever hit me once. The stomach spike attack has hit me a few times when I was a little slow with my timing.

And by slow zombies I take it you mean any zombies near the beginning of the game?
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I should note a few more things:

The primary issue with my video is it's attempt to simulate running away from monsters that are slightly faster than you. Using these slow monsters is a little difficult to film for because you have to move just before they reach you so you essentially begin moving the instant they begin a swing (as if you were already running).

So: when I went to go find some fat zombies to practice this on, I was only able to dodge their 'table-flip' attack. I didn't try for very long, but their punch animation was tricky to time and they are so slow and mindless it's even more difficult to simulate 'running away' from them. So while it may be possible that I can make them miss a punch, they almost always seem to land it from a moderate distance away. However, I think this will just be restricted to normal mode where they wander around doing nothing at all. If they actively chase you and try to kill you, it would be easier to mimic someone running away (they'd still be slow in normal) and the punches would probably miss.

It seems more and more apparent that the most noticeable form of this issue is the slowest, stupidest mobs in the games. Ones that you'd only get hit by if you went AFK for 5 minutes; in real game-play, all of these slow mobs that showcase this issue will never hit you anyways while the fast mobs have normal looking animations that aren't realistically dodge-able anyways. And in later difficulties these mobs should speed up which should generally fix this.

Might look a little ugly in some cases for the first bit of Act 1, but realistically speaking this really only happens if you force it. When you're running away in the actual game, you will be using abilities to escape and these super slow mobs won't reach you - unless you ran into their face (which still might not even trigger an attack response because they're brain-dead).
I will simply explain it away in-game as being demon magic. If they can come back from the dead/hell, I'm sure that extending their attacks wouldn't be too much for them. :)
Great! At least you won't wander if your PC is lagging because of these distant hits
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It's intentional.

No offense, but I cannot imagine how this would be intentional design.

In a past blizzcon (2010) Steve Shimizu (lead gameplay programer) talked about how the monsters would behave with their full ai, no cooldown on attack and perfect pathing, then they started to "dumb" them down to allow the player to feel awesome.


the video ends before he stops his part of the presentation,
but next part is here:

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t0lkien, you're hired!

edit : I read up to page 7 and my opinion is : They should add a range limit for melee hits, and a short one imo. And if slow monsters are "too weak" because you can "kite", give them other advantages. I also believe reducing delay between animation and actual hit should be worked on if it's not correct right now, it's propably do-able without hindering gameplay even tho I lack the knowledge to ascertain so.
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Try to remember that it is a beta and not the actual full game. There are sure to be some bugs and it seems to me that you have discovered one of them. It's like the WoW PTRs. just report the bug and move on to the rest of the game. Be happy that you were lucky enough to play the beta while the rest of us twiddle our thumbs waiting for the actual release date.
sooo yea... just tested this again after i noticed i dodged a slow attack made by a zombie... looks like blizz listened to us!! =D

instead of the range being unlimited, its now more like d2. leeway is given, just not unlimited.

problem solved ^^

imma test this a bit more to make sure

edit: yup, i tested it on the same type of zombie i did before with my screenshots, they start to miss at about half the range as my screenshots were showing before

here are the old screenshots yet again


i tested it a buncha times, to find where the range from hit to miss ended, with the same type of zombie i did in my screenshots, which, a few days ago would hit me no matter what as long as they swung. but now they only hit me if i dont get past roughly the halfway mark that my screenshots show

edit2: to the post below me, since we are capped...

well yea, there are plenty of attacks that before this was brought up, were meant to be dodgeable, but this is going off of swings that from a few days ago, were not dodgeable ever, and now they are to an extent

edit3: ty for reconsidering devs, youve given me new hope on issues like this =]
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sooo yea... just tested this again after i noticed i dodged a slow attack made by a zombie... looks like blizz listened to me!! =D

instead of the range being unlimited, its now more like d2. leeway is given, just not unlimited.

problem solved ^^

imma test this a bit more to make sure

edit: yup, i tested it on the same type of zombie i did before with my screenshots, they start to miss at about half the range as my screenshots were showing

Ever since I got into the beta (patch 13 or 14) it's been somewhat dodge-able. And as the OP and others have noted, things are still dodge-able. Not everything (well, this may be the case, but you'd need mobs faster than you to verify - which isn't the case for the mobs this is noticeable on) but quite a lot of attack animations are to some extent. Most people made a lot of claims based solely on the video or pictures, not having played the beta - which was quite misleading.

As plenty have said before, not an issue.

Edit: I've still seen attacks occur about as long as your screenshots, and others far shorter. It does seem to depend a little on the context of where the zombie started to begin his attack. Who knows.
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