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great to see the rich amount of blue responses to the realm debate. ask for issues and then hide from them? i'm personally not in the beta, but am well aware of the result of lag in HC and not being able to get an answer on why we dont get a server with our higher purchase price is frustrating. simply put, Why are we paying more for less service? the money was spent on this forum thread wasnt it?
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I am in the beta. And on my 1.5 Mbit internet I get about 200-300 latency in game. I was quite surprised it was that good. Yes lag exists. And you can't ever get rid of it. But my experiences of it are (once p2p is switched off) is that the lag issue is only a small issue.

I was around 250 latency yesterday. I'm sure it'll be a little higher on retail cause of the more players on at the same time. But since you can't HC till you beat normal at least once you'll have a chance to asses the latency issue for yourself before you hit HC.
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That ping, is going to be a real issue on a Higher difficulty..
At least in D2 you could drop health pots instantly to overcome it some what!
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That ping, is going to be a real issue on a Higher difficulty..
At least in D2 you could drop health pots instantly to overcome it some what!

Apparently they've changed how everything works in D3. I'm not sure since I don't have the BETA, but a few people have stated, and videos on Youtube show pretty smooth action at about 300ms. Apparently all the calculations are done locally (i guess that means it's processed on your computer (dunno how that would work with multiple people, maybe it is as fast as local internet not sure)) and information is still sent to Bliz servers but it won't affect gameplay, and all that does is to check if any hacks, dupes, cheats of any kind have been used.
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From the playtime I've had, which precedes the recent key release, it plays well for the most part.

There is of course those times when you run around a corner and get snapped back or feel you should've reacted in time but didn't. It's not as bad as D2, but it's noticable and would be a big deal when the difficulty ramps up.

It is important to note that the combat system is designed so that as soon as an attack animation commences, you will receive the damage. That itself isn't lag.
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I play beta and the lag is fine. For what it's worth I'm on Telstra Bigpond Cable.

However... I find it interesting that someone who wants to play hardcore mode would want an Australian server.

A small percentage of the Diablo3 population will play HC. That's the way it has always been. A smaller still percentage will regularly have characters in hell. And an even tinier percentage will be playing inferno.

If you want to play HC you want to play on the largest server possible, otherwise it will be a ghost town. It will be like SC2's SEA all over again; did anyone here ever try to play 3s or 4s (low pop game modes) in the top leagues? You'd wait 30 minutes for a game and then you'd just end up getting the same team you played before (and who kicked your !@# last time).

I know some people out there like to play in solitude so I guess that's a different matter, however I do enjoy being able to play with others when I choose to, and I hate the idea of a ghost town. I'm sure it might not be a problem within the first 6 months of the game's release... but I played Diablo 2 for 10 years. For the first 6 or 7 years hardcore mode was always pretty populated; it was only in the final years where (public) hell games were non-existent and that was pretty disappointing.
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more people would play hc if it wasnt for lag. eliminate lag, or reduce it to a level playing field, the community will grow. pretty simple. i know we all love blizzard and the games they release but stop looking a d3 as a gift from blizzard and more as a product you are purchasing. you wouldnt pay more for any other product only to get less service would you?
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