Diablo® III

275,000 Diablo III Beta Invites

100 Worgen Druid
Posts: 5
Got mine :D
Posts: 47
hell yeah, i want one !!!
17 Undead Rogue
Posts: 720
I can't imagine actually getting a key after all this time. I have spent countless hours drooling over how beautiful this game looks. I bought a new computer, got a new internet connection. Hopefully I get to truely test my rig. Diablo 3 has been an experience in itself just waiting on the actual game. Now it's here. Granted I haven't gotten to play the beta, I checked everyday since before the beta even released, entered all the contests possible. But it's ok. My birthday is tomorrow (Friday 13th, and my name is Jayson haha) and things are looking up.

Maybe it's a possibility that I can get one from this wave.- I didn't so far. Such a let down, but.....It's ok.

This is a message to everyone:

I really hope you all have the best experience possible while playing Diablo 3. I really hope it doesn't dissapoint in anyway. I am looking forward to creating an amazing diablo-experience over the next few years. I even got my girlfriend into Diablo, although I don't have another computer she can play on, looks like i'm gonna be sharing, or she can play when I sleep :) haha kidding. I know diablo 2 was an amazing gaming experience. It nailed what games needed head-on, and was before it's time. I still play it, after all these years. Hexes, quarks, occy rings, are all a thing of the past, but the memorys still stand. It was amazing gameplay, even with the hacks.

Now diablo 3 will bring alot of things to the table that will be a game-changer for players all around the world. USD AH, a possibility to actually earn money playing video games, no matter what your skill/popularity level. I see Diablo as an amazing visual experience (I WISH THERE WAS DEATH ANIMATIONS STILL!!) but overall, I feel it will have solid gameplay like Diablo 2 did.

That being said, Goodluck in life everyone, and hope to see you soon on Diablo!
Edited by Raziael on 4/12/2012 3:30 PM PDT
MY GOD! plz let me get it this time im sick of spamming F5 on twitter 4h aday and still not get the darn key :/
Edited by D3BETA on 4/12/2012 3:22 PM PDT
Posts: 24
No luck again..
:( Temp outage
64 Worgen Rogue
Posts: 190
i want one too but for some lame reason i never get that lucky lol i still dont see why they keep passing out random keys they should make the pre orders and the annual pass holders priority.
100 Worgen Death Knight
Posts: 101
Got my key without expecting it.
Now time for a 12 hour download :P
Posts: 85
Need bigger wave!
Posts: 1
Thanks so much!
Gimme please!
1 Gnome Rogue
Posts: 4
I want in
Posts: 25
Come on beta invite!
Posts: 180
*watches account management anxiously*
Posts: 2
ugh, still no beta for me? lol. :))
85 Tauren Druid
Posts: 3
I want one as well
Posts: 2
Posts: 11
I hope I can get one!
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