Diablo® III

With 28 things to do until release

Well guys, i am bored. i know many of us out there are..
I get this feeling from playing other games as if its just so bland, I've seen a glimpse of diablo 3, watched plently of you_tube videos and gone over and over the beta like no tomorrow , But until the 15th , nothing is satisfying!
So i decided maybe that this could be a cool idea,
28things to do, in 28 days till release .
Keep it realistic...lol ;)
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Study for exams lol
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Not sure about you, but I'll be playing beta for 28 days :P
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I'm just catching up on games that I've been too busy to play in recent years so that's filling in my time. Because when D3 comes out, all bets are off.
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!@#$ every day =P
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p0 rn
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This is my own personal Pre-Release to-do list.


I also have to add giving my computer a clean/vacuum out. Going to be working it hard post 15 May.
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I have been playing battlefield 3,
Upon stumbling across the fact that EA Disconnects me from their servers every 10 seconds i have now been left with a dirty feeling..
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Well here's what I'm doing. Replaying Final Fantasy X from start to finish and attempting to beat Penance before the release. Legit no gameshark, using the standard sphere grid. Currently just defeated Yunalesca, started on Saturday, working on ultimate weapons for Auron and Lulu currently.

Then a solid 3 weeks straight of D3.

Other suggestions, learn any of the previous Diablo sountrack piece's on an instrument.

Beat Normal D2 using a class in grey gear only (thats about a week after work).
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watching 28 days later
watching 28 weeks later
wondering what would 28 months later would be like
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I'll be studying for exams for the next week or so, then after that, moving into the apartment I just bought (should be in there and set-up just in time for release!)
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guild wars 2 beta
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I got 28 problems but release ain't one ^_^
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