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Where does Diablo 3 start?

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Maybe I skipped the opening cutscene but I pretty much just appeared outside New Tristram with no clue how I got there or even who I am as a person. I noticed there are certain character's that make a reappearance in the game like Warriv had a journal left lying around and talked about helping an adventurer many years ago find the Dark Wanderer, I am just curious how long after Diablo 2 does D3 take place?

I look around on the D3 website and didn't find any "story" thing I could read, if anyone has a link to something like that I will love you forever!
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When you approach the captain at the gate you give reason for being there.
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It's been 20 years since the events of D2. An entire generation has passed, and things have been relatively calm.

A horrible omen, a falling star, has appeared in the sky (and did some property damage in Old Tristram).

You play the role of a hero whom has journeyed to these lands with the belief that there is a rising threat here, and the falling star as an omen has more or less confirmed your fears.

When you visit New Tristram at the beginning of the game, you'll get more properly introduced and guided in to the story. Each character class has their own reasons for coming, and they become revealed as you play through various different audio dialogues.
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It's two decades after Diablo II. A meteor has fallen into the Cathedral, giving rise to the dead and attracting curious adventurers.

If you want more of a background, watch the cinematics (titled Opening, Black Soulstone and Cinematic). They give a very good idea of what's happening.

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Thanks guys, I watched everything at the start and was still pretty clueless as there was no real "opening". I guess that will be added at release!

I got the calm vibe and the star but i wasnt sure how long after d2 it was and why I came to tristram in the first place (I knew once I was there I wanted to find the star though). I'll watch those vids!
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