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Barbarians can't use fist weapons?

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monk can't use almost all 2-handers...
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They need mighty fist weapons for the Barbarian. Like huge giant metal fists and and super spiked gloves with daggers instead of nails.
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Or how bout no weapons. Lets use your gloves armor rating as the weapon damage. While impractical, it would make for a nice challenge.
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I propose a new passive, for when the first live update comes along:

Pulp Smashing. The savage barbarian forgoes the use of his weapons, instead relying on his fists. With modifiers a bit like -10% damage, +5% attack speed, +10% running speed, where you trade raw damage for speed and mobility. It would essentially transform your weapons into stat sticks.

Slow two handers would look more Hulk-ish, while dual wielding would probably look more E. Honda-ish.

But, of course, this is just some morning day-dreaming ;P
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I don't know if anybody else noticed, but the original concept art for the "gear progression" of the barbarian showed the barbarian sporting a fist weapon in one of his hands and an axe in the other if I remember correctly. Kind of a shame that fist weapons are strictly locked down to the monks.

As a matter of fact here is a link to the original concept art.

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^I think that's part of his armor or glove or gauntlet or whatever. Some armors will currently display spikes sprouting from your arm, but you can't use them to attack.

Dual-wielding wands would be pretty hilarious, though. If barbs can wear wands.
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Not sure why you'd prefer a fist weapon over an axe that size of a man's torso.

Or a hammer that's the only thing in the room bigger than you are.
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would be funny if the barb could use fist weapons and actually use them, unlike the monk
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