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Lenovo Z575 adequate?

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I'm looking to buy this system:

Lenovo Z575 $499

*AMD Quad-Core A6-3420M 1.5GHz (ez to OC and undervolt)
*6 GB PC3-10600 (1333 MHz) DDR3
*6650m 1gb gpu (6720g2 w/ the apu)
*500gb hdd
*6-cell battery
*15.6" LED backlight screen

I know this system can run SC2 very well on low and adequately on medium settings stock. I'm not sure how much more demanding (if any) Diablo 3 will be as compared to SC2? I haven't been keeping up much on that sort of thing, so I apologize if graphic performance topics have been beaten down already.

Anyway, I can afford a better computer but I am primarily a mac user. I haven't gamed on the PC in a few years and Diablo 3 is the only reason I'm returning. So, I'm just looking for something cheap and mobile that will get me by on medium settings. I plan to O/C the hell out of it for fun (something I've not been able to do on the mac =P) and hopefully increase it's performance threshold too. So, does anyone have any experience with this type of set-up and the asymmetrical crossfire GPU's to give me an idea of how it will perform?
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So, you plan to overclock the hell out of an entry level business laptop with an AMD CPU to play Diablo 3. Yeah, good luck with that.
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Well, actually yeah. A lot of people are O/Cing this laptop from 1.5 base to 2.0ghz base and 3.4ghz on turbo boost. All while undervolting it to boot. It has a dedicated GPU along with an APU that overclocks as you overclock the CPU. I'm not an idiot just inquiring about the performance of someone that may be familiar with this series of AMD processors/gpus.

By the way this isn't a business laptop. Keep your sarcastic responses to a minimum, especially when you only act like you know what you're talking about lol.
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Download beta and check for yourself. Apparently it's "open" right now.
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Oh ok, I'll definitely look into that. I won't be able to test it that particular laptop though, since I haven't bought the laptop yet. I wanted to see if anyone knew how it would perform first. I'll throw it on the old mac here though and see if the IGP can even run it.
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I got the machine on the 16th and it's doing so so, I brought this PC only for D3 as well. (So it's the only software or anything that has been installed on the PC). When there are 40+ mobs in screen at a time, the frame drops a lot and I can apparently feel the "jumping acts" - lags, whatever you describe. Maybe I didn't set it up properly (nothing has been changed from the factory setting) and I am looking for an O/C solution
P.S. I am just running on the original laptop monitor which is 1366*768, not 1080p yet.

In generate, it's a little bit disappointing.

Good luck.
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