I felt like making a For Fun build... focusing on Sacrifice and Zombie Dog mechanics.


Using Zombie Dog's Final Gift and the Gruesome Feast passive in combination sounded like a fun mechanic, so my goal was to spawn hordes of dogs and kill them off as efficiently as possible.

Sacrifice with Next of Kin means there will be (re)dead dogs everywhere, spawning health orbs for me.

Devolution Mixed with Addling Toads makes it very likely that enemies are dying while Confused, spawning more Dogs to explode.
Zombie Charger is Runed to be a Dog
I use Zombie Wall w/ Pile-On for the massive damage combined with Gruesome Feast at 5 stacks

Overall, I think Sacrifice paired with Final Gift and Gruesome Feast has the potential for some excellent synergy.

An alternate build could swap in Big Bad Voodoo Runed for the 50% Dog summon on enemies who die in the area, but I preferred Zombie Wall for the better spammability.
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